Monday, March 23, 2009


...and I'm wide awake.
what the ???
i have so much on my mind that it's keeping me up so i may as well blog and be ahead of my
'to do' list tomorrow....
saturday night....linda and i took courtney, rachel and carson to go see
in the movie theatre before it gets kicked out...
yes, we had already bought the movie, but i wanted our first time seeing the
hot topic movie on big screen!!
is it wrong for me to love edward????
we loved the movie and we were all surprised at how 'family friendly' it was...being vampires and was really REALLY more of a 'cool love story'.
I loved it!
( the girls are obsessed now! )

...friday night we ended up staying in and rented 'City of Ember' - more for courtney because her classroom just finished reading the was pretty different too!
was courtney's dance schools
Scottish Tea at the Holiday Inn...
this is a small light little afternoon tea for the girls to be presented with their awards from their dance exams from February and also do a little performance...i really wish i knew how to upload VIDEO off my camera because i'd be able to show you the cool choreography dance her group did today...they just learned it yesterday for the tea!!
...little absorbant sponges those highland dancers...

alex, courtney and kailey

finale...sorry courtney's head is cut out!!
...and my little man just looked so dang cute and grown up today for some reason...
i took him and did a little 'photo shoot' out in the sunlit hallway...i love how soft natural light effects the photo...
i wanted to try some passive, relaxed and no 'forced' smile pictures of tyler...kinda the pre-grown up serious look....
i LOVE how they turned out!

...and this last one takes the cake!
what a moment in time caught in a split second...i adore this photo!
...i hope you had a lovely weekend too...
( 3:01am...time to try to sleep...)


Tara said...

Kim! What amazing pics of Tyler! He is growing up too fast!

And O.M.G. Isn't Twilight the best?? Now that you have seen it, you have to read the books, there is so much missing in the movie!

There is this group on Facebook called, "I now have unrealistic expectations in men because of Edward Cullen" HAHAHAHAHA! I will send it to you...

So true!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos as always Kim. I Love keeping up with your life. Glad to be a part of it!!
Lori (haven't seen Twilight yet... guess I will have to see what all the excitement is about).