Monday, December 31, 2007


...nothing grabs at your heartstrings more than a sweet little baby...
their tinyness so perfectly detailed, their sweet new baby smell, their purity in their hearts radiating through their smiles...all little perfect packages fresh from God!!!
this is my cousin andrea's baby, alex, having a first visit with his great-grandpa!!! andrea and i lost touch through the years and have since this summer reconnected ( she found my blog!! how cool is that? ) and have been able to pick up our lost pieces of time and start where we left off! i think it's so wonderful that we have reconnected and that our kids will grow up knowing their cousins!
andrea brought baby alex and also little 2 1/2 year old eric to come and see grandma and grandpa and my mom on friday afternoon at mom's house!
grandpa was just smitten with the baby!
( who wasn't? ) grandma, mom, airiel and i were all taking our turns holding him and cuddling with him! he's just so sweet and such a good little baby boy!!
i LOVE this photo of grandpa and alex! it just makes me melt!

the last time we saw little eric was when he was just born at his baby shower!!! look at how big and handsome he is at TWO and a half!! he has these 'ladykiller' big blue eyes....and the sweetest little personality!! ...and he's also quite the ham!!!
it was a very happy visit for ALL of us and we're all so happy to have andrea back in our lives with her husband trevor and their beautiful little boys!!!

...if you look in eric's hand here, you will see he is holding his VERY FIRST SHORTBREAD COOKIE made by grandma!! ( he ended up going back for more! that a boy! )



Tara said...

That's great Kimmy! Aren't babies wonderful?!?! Especially when you can give them back to Mom and Dad! Haha!

Andrea said... babies on your family Blog! I am soooo happy to see this wonderful moment in our lives memorialized so beautifully! Thank you. :)