Tuesday, December 18, 2007

...is everybody going crazy?

...i seem to find myself shaking my head in disbelief at how insensitive people can be...
i don't think that the hectic pace and craziness of the holidays are to blame because people themselves are to be held responsible for their own actions, right?
maybe i'm wrong but i am going through a bit of a dilema with someone right now who received our 'happy family' christmas letter in their card and had the nerve to email me and basically shoot me down for sharing our families activities and excitement about our Scotland trip next summer! between the mean and hurtful lines written, it came down to the fact that this person doesn't think i had spent enough phone or visiting time on her. a distant family member no less!!
we only see each other once a year sometime over the holidays when I go to visit her!! so there's really no reason for her to hold a grudge for not visiting...she never came to visit us and we are really just not that close for her to behave like this?
we emailed each other regularly and kept up to speed on things that way. her kids are all grown up and you would think that knowing what it's like having two little ones at home and all our busy schedules that a person would understand that i have a very busy life. i email and talk on the phone when i have opportunities. i cannot drop my life at every beck and call.
people who are close with me and want to chat know when the best time to call me is. they respect that. and i respect everyone else's busy schedule and availability to me as well.
why can't we all just get along???? hahahaha!!!!
anyway, i think that the reason this is bothering me so much is because i went through this EXACT same ordeal over a year ago with someone who i was friends with for over 20 years. she emailed me on my birthday and dropped a huge bombshell from out of the blue and did the same hurtful personal attack based on the fact that she didn't think i called her enough or spent enough time with her! she dragged up every painful thing from my childhood to hurt me and didn't stop, she just acted as if though she was God himself and passed judgement on me and everything i have gone through in my life. she tore me to pieces and said things she will never ever be able to take back. and i have often wondered about something....i saw one time that she had misquoted something that i said as being the last words she ever heard from me...when in fact i had written an email back right away to her at the time, in my defense ( alhtough after over 20 years i never thought i'd be having to defend myself to her thinking she was my friend....some friend, huh? )
i think that letter was intercepted and withheld by her husband....i suppose i will never know the truth.
anyway, i didn't mean to ramble on here about the past, but i just don't understand why people have to have such a hurtful nature in them? when this happened with my 'friend' it wasn't during the holdiays, so i can't even give her that excuse for going coo-coo, that just came out of her emotional explosion and the need to hurt someone i guess!!!
do you have any 'issues' like this that you're dealing with that's bumming out your holidays? any crazy people in your life trying to make you miserable? or is it just me thinking that everyone is going crazy over small stuff????
or is it indeed the pressure and anxiety of preparing for the holidays? if so, i'm holidaying in mexico from now on!!! LOL!!!!!
tell me what you think...share your stories!!!


Tara said...

Oh Kimmy... some people just have to bring everyone down with them. It makes them feel better about themselves. I was so happy to see your letter and how happy and healthy your family is. I say next year write a 2 page letter in a big font and send her TWO! Haha!

Love ya and keep your chin up! Don't worry about the Grinches of the world


Kim said...


lori said...

people get really weird at this time of year i do agree with u this person should understand busy schedules and life with 2 young children try not to take it to personal i think it is always nice getting notes about how things are
we are now celerbrating are own
christamas as half the family is divides after 25 years
keep smiling u are doing the right things they just have their own issuse and dont know how to deal
hope u all have a merry christmas
and all the best in the new year

Anonymous said...

It is nice to not pack your bags and go on a guilt trip.....

So don't pack.

Just consider that it takes all kinds, and some may not be your kind; life without them can be much better! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Kim you are not alone I am battling a family issue right now too except these people are not hurtful with words they just seem to have no time to come see their grandson, this gets me down too but we will make it, and make the bestout of every situation that is thrown our way. Happy holidays and I hope things look up for you soon.