Monday, December 3, 2007

busy weekend!!!

this weekend was totally Kra-ZZZZ!!!
this was the weekend of courtney's highland dance christmas concert on sunday, and to add more holiday stress, it was also the Manitoba Highland Dancers Association christmas concert too on saturday!
so, we had rehersal saturday morning for our dance schools concert, then rush off to the MHDA concert in the afternoon, and then yesterday was our dance school's concert!!
it's always such a mad rush having both events the same weekend, but now that they are both over and done with for another year, i can tell you that the concerts ( especially our school's concert ) was just amazing and beautiful!! there' SO MUCH work that goes into planning, organizing and preparing for this event, but bottom line is the girls just love their dance numbers and all the costumes and in particular their 'shining time' on stage!
they all did a super job and i always feel a real sense of pride and an overwhelming rush of love of the dance whenever i see those kids up performing! they are all so talented and work very hard at perfection and i commend all of them for every ounce of effort they put into their dancing! they have the most perfected dance teacher in the world who has been teaching for almost 40 years now, and even though sometimes its all a bit overwhelming, she demands and gives only the best for our girls!!!
...our family sold 21 tickets to our family and friends who were able to come out and enjoy courrney's concert this year!!! so i thank you all so much for coming to attend and share such a huge part of our family's lives with us ( and for such a fun event as's not all competition! )
to our elated surprise last week, i was told that Grandma and Grandpa were definately still coming!!! Grandpa said he wouldn't miss it for the world! I was so happy he was willing to sacrifice a little discomfort for the afternoon to see his great-grandaughter kick up her heels!
( thank you, thank you for coming with us Papa!!! )
...because we are travelling with the dance school next summer to Scotland, one of the fundraising tables at the concert yesterday was a craft table ( besides the wine draw, scottish auction, and bake sale tables...)
so i kept myself busy making a bunch of little scrapbooking projects 'n such and i just loved how these recycled pringles chips containers worked out!!! i altered them into piggy banks, hopeful to sell for the kids going overseas to start their penny pinching for their trip!
( here's courtney and her Papa first...MELT! )

...and here's some random pic's of courntey's dances during the concert...
(just click on the photo to see it larger )

...guess what?
our little man was asked if he'd like to dance in a number this year again!!!
here he is struttin' his stuff with 2 new little wee ones to
"Down by the Station"...
way to go tyler!!!! good job!!!
...this is the FINALE when all the dancers of the school come out at the end and finish up the dance...and then get a special north pole visitor bearing gifts for all the dancers!!!

...what a great concert!! i am grateful for the blessing of ability for our children to be healthy and active and participate in something so special, for the wonderful support of our families to attend and see our kids having fun and being happy!
NOW, we are 3 days behind 'trditional schedule' of finishing putting up our chirstmas tree and decorating our house...( can't imagine why...{GIGGLE} )
so, i'm off to it and hopefully i'll be posting some chirstmas tree pictures tomorrow!!

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Tara said...

Way to go Courtney (and the rest of you!) for putting on such a wonderful show!

Christmas is so great!