Wednesday, December 19, 2007

...lookie lookie...

...i am still kinda bummed about what is going on with 'my cousin' right now. i don't know why she has decided to do this to me, especially right before chirstmas. she's on some kick right now for sending me emails that are now just plain old out of hand and uncalled for. i have asked her to stop emailing me. why does every family have to have a butthead in it? blah...enough about that, it's a bummer!
life goes on and i do not have time for immature selfish people!
LOOKIE at what i got from LEIGH ANN!!!!
i ordered them from last week and stopped by last night to pick them up...
aren't they purty?????
i love 'em and they will add an extra sweet touch to my newly added PINK to our chrtistmas tree this year!!!!
tyler was eager to hang them in specially chosen places on the tree to show them off!
...and this is just a normal, typical activity of playtime that happened this afternoon at home...
watching the kids play and be happy makes me happy!
they look so innocent!!!!
..well, i'm off to the kids' school for their second christmas concert was soooooo cute!! i loved all the music chosen for it, it's very bubbly and happy!!


Tara said...

Kim! Don't you worry your pretty little head about this! It's Christmas! Enjoy the time with your family, it's just not worth your time. You are WAY too good for that!

Those ornaments are beautiful! Where did you get them?!?!

Merry Ho Ho!

Anonymous said...

Block her e-mail! It goes straight into trash where it belongs. I hope you have call display too!

Have a great Christmas all! Think happy thoughts...