Thursday, December 20, 2007

busy at school!

thought i'd share a few pic's from the kids' christmas concert at school yesterday...
"The Littlest Reindeer"

...courtney's in the green shirt with the elf hat...'hi rachel' ( courtney's good friend in the back row, far left! )

...tyler's first school concert...great singing buddy!!!

...and this is tyler with his little sweetheart, Alexi...they are inseperable in school!

...and tyler's class group photo before the debut..
...and today at school courtney shared her highland dancing with her classmates with a little performance in the classroom! she did her first championship 6 step fling ( in public ) for them as well as a sword dance and finished with a hornpipe! great job courtney!
her teacher, 'mr. d' and classmates were happy to see her dance for them and share such a big part of her life for multicultural week!!!
...'mr.d' and courtney...
and i am off to get wrapping some gifts and check my lists and then off to work...
the fun never ends!!!!

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Tara said...

Hee hee, these are the cutest pics! That one of Tyler and the little girl, priceless!

I remember those Christmas Concerts as a kid being the funnest things ever!

Merry Christmas to all of you!