Sunday, August 19, 2007

quiet weekend...

wow...haven't had this quiet a weekend in a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time!!
we were planning to go to the lake with the kids friday morning, but after working late thursday night and not being ready friday morning ( laundry to be done, groceries to be bought...) we decided to have a weekend at home with the kids!! so friday i was inspired to "clean up" a bunch of stuff ( which is now 11:24pm sunday night ) and it's STILL not all done!! does anyone ever really catch up on their "to do" lists? man, i would love to do that some day!
anyway, friday was kind of a write-off as the kids and i actually stayed in our jammies until about 5pm ( i love those kind of days ) and then mike BBQ'd some yummy steaks with corn on the cob for supper and then we watched the original Willy Wonka movie for some more great birthday party ideas for miss courtney!!
saturday was a little more exciting for us all...we went out for dinner with our friends Nikki and John and their little girl (and also my little god-daughter) Taylor...we met up at Boston Pizza for some chow and then went to the movie theatre to see Spiderman 3!!! they came over after the movie for a little backyard bonfire at our house and the kids were playing 'pirates' and getting into all kinds of mischief...a fun night!

...miss courtney and miss talyor...

...taking in a little 'game time' before the show...
( sorry nikki that my kid kicked your kids butt just like i kicked yours at air hockey!
MOI HA HA....)
tee hee.

...boys being boys...

...and today, being sunday, i had to work. for a nice change i didn't have to close or pre-close tonight so i was off a little earlier than usual and actually got to get some bedtime kisses 'n cuddles from the kids!!
i was all inspired and motivated to do a layout today and i actually squeezed it into about a 1/2 hour play time right before i went to work...literally!
i mentioned a while back on my blog that i found this really fun and inspiring blog called
that i look at often to try and motivate myself...i seem to always be making projects and plans for my own classes and never really "PLAY" for myself anymore, so i like to to there and THINK of trying out there 'jacks' that they offer!! i entered a layout only one time before ( probably because the artist that they jacked was Heidi Swapp ) but none-the-less, i was motivated to use their sketch and did a pirate layout from courtney's birthday party last year...anyway, i entered it and it made it to the 10 finalists...WOW! i was impressed! i felt good about spending some time and effort into my own layout and i have wanted to enter several times since then but haven't found the time...
well, i really liked the 'jack' again this time, so i will post my entry in a few minutes...i'm trying again...and if anything, i am having fun with it and it's NO PRESSURE on me to play and make something fun!!
check back soon for a peek at it!!
( go to their above noted website so you can see their take on the original "scrapjack"..)
wish me luck!!
( and hey...try it sometime's free and it's fun to do...especially if you're ever 'stuck' like i get sometimes )


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