Monday, August 13, 2007

mail, mail, MAIL!!!

...i like how that sounds better when there's a postman standing at my door with a parcel!!!
i've been waiting for this parcel's arrival from Atlanta, Georgia with much excitement!
Thanks to COLLEEN from i had ordered her monthly kits 3 months at a time and i just received June, July and August!!! we had some postal problems causing some delay on both our ends otherwise it would have come much sooner...but that's all good now because i have some new rockin' goodies to play with now!!!
i love all the unique products she puts together in her kits, and there's a lot of it that i can't get here, so it's very practical for me to 'look around' somewhere else for my own personal stash!!! she's home based as well and has a fantastic imagination for getting her kits together! i was showing it all off at my class here friday night ( that's when i got it all ) and i think that you, COLLEEN, are going to be getting more winnipeg orders very soon!!! heeheehee....

can't wait to play with it all!
thanks so much colleen!! you're awesome smawsome!!!
and thanks to my little budding photographer, courtney, who very patiently took about 12 different silly pictures of me trying to get 'the right one' to show my excitement!
i think i'm gonna have to 'mega burn' the loser shots...good grief, did i really make all those goofy faces over SCRAPBOOKING STUFF???
( sigh )


Anonymous said...

You sure are excited in these photos's, and Courtney is taking after you with picture taking it looks like!!! Way to go Courtney!! Hope Grandpa is feeling better or at least getting better treatment. I look at it this way, all those Drs and nurses will get there's in return when something happens to them and they are in a hospital waitng for proper care, cause it most likely WILL happen to one of them in the future and they will get the same care that they have given your grandpa. Remember that saying kim whats good for the goose is also good for the gander! Now im thinking darn it of the song Oh Sheila. LMAO!! Well gotta go get ready for work talk to ya later NIKKI

Tara said...

How fun!