Tuesday, August 21, 2007

happy 9th birthday...

I can't believe that you are NINE whole years old already!!! where oh where has that precious time gone???
you woke up this morning wanting birthday pancakes for breakfast...so that's what we had. and then we got a phone call from heather next door saying that Jordan ( her son) wanted to come over to give something to courtney!
while shopping in the morning with his mom, he saw some flowers and said he wanted to buy courtney some flowers "because i love her mommy"....
jordan is only 4 years old and just the sweetest little guy!
so, courtney got her first 1/2 dozen red roses from 'the kid next door'...too cute!
...then we were off to go see grandpa at the hospital! to our wonderful surprise, we found grandma, grandpa and mom outside the front doors getting some fresh air and a little sunshine!
grandpa is doing better day by day...not ready to go home yet but getting there. he still has lots of physio therapy to go through, and they've still got to start him on some stairs, but his spirit is his usual chipper self....witty and smiling and all! a good visit!

...and not even an hour after THIS above visit, we had a downpour of hail and heavy rain for about 10 minutes and then it cleared right up and was gone...how unusual!!
HOWEVER...i photographed these shots of the hail storm because it HAPPENED ON COURTNEY'S BIRTHDAY!!!...for those of you lucky ones who were at our house for her party last year, we ended up having to cram down into our basement due to the pending "tornado watch' and funnel clouds that were forming over our heads!!! there ended up being an actual tornado that hit down in St. Andrew's / La Broquerie areas...
...something about courtney's birthdays i guess...
we'll see what this sunday brings weather-wise at her family party!!!

...and we finished off her special day with her choice of restaurant for dinner...
but first we had to stop in at Sugar Mountain Express at the Forks to buy a few goodies for her party prizes....

( lots of Willy Wonka goodies there....yummy )


...The Old Spaghetti Factory...
one of our family favorites!!! mom, curt and erith came along with us too...

happy 9th birthday punky!!
i hope you had a fun, fun day!
( don't grow too fast okay?)


Tara said...

Happy Birthday Courtney! 9 Years Old, I can hardly believe it!

Kim, you are such a good Mom. I can honestly say that when it comes time for me to be a Mom, I will looking over at your good examples to take after you. You are so loving and devoted to Courtney and Tyler, it really is inspiring. You must have gotten it from your wonderful Mother!

Have fun at Friday class! I can't be there due to it being my birthday (family stuff) and my works Golf Tourney (which usually runs into 7pm or so)

Love ya!


Kim said...

tara..you are the sweetest!
thank you so much for always saying such warm happy things to me! you make my day!
( and i can hardly wait until it comes time for you to be a mom!)
heeheehee...no pressure on johnny!

AsYouWishGreetings said...

Wow!!!! 9 years old hey! Well Happy Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!

Tell me about how time goes by so fast, Hailey is going to be 1 August 27!!!!! 1 years old!!! Seems like yesterday I was waiting for her to be born at the hospital!!! Good lord! Next thing you know I'll be at her graduation!!! :( lol, just jokes. You've been busy Ms. Kim! Hope you're having a good summer!!!