Thursday, August 9, 2007 big

i have been feeling sooooo guilty these past days since we got home from the states with everything going on with my grandpa...i have been feeling like the kids have been 'pushed aside' with all the trips back and forth to the hospital and all the constant phone calls that they haven't had very much quality time with mike and i lately!
i asked them what they wanted to do today and they excitedly told me they wanted to go see
'tyler's geese'
..well, i was more than happy to accomodate their request! we bought our loaf of yummy bread for crumbs and grabbed my camera and off we went for a visit!
MAN, have they grown!
they are all mostly pretty full grown as far as a canadian goose looks...minus the fact that the little guys still have their sweet little 'peeps' while they feed!!! not as panicked and loud as when they were smaller, but it's still there!
they are also not quite as tall or well rounded as the adults yet.
we were VERY HAPPY to find ( after quite the hike to the other side of the park...whew! ) the little family of mom, dad and 5 babes greet us for some bread!
we knew it was them right away, well, besides the fact that this was the only 7 member family since we started our photo journaling, but the MOM has this white furry scar around the base of her neck that identifies the family right away...cheating, i know!
anyway...we were happy to see them as it's been about 4 weeks since we last had a visit!
just look how BIG THEY GOT!
( i'm sure people aren't the only ones who complain that their babies just 'grow too fast'... )

...i just love this little fuzzball...
he was before and remains STILL the little runt! we all called him 'Fuzzball' from the first time we saw him because that's what he looked like then...except yellow!
now, all his 'siblings' are pretty much smoothed out black in their necks and getting nice and plump ( NO HUNTING! ) but he's still a little behind in the 'feather department' and skrawny looking!!! ( sorry buddy! )'s hard to believe this was him just 5 weeks ago!!!
( pulled this out of his families archive for tyler! )

...and this was his family 5 weeks ago too...

i'm grateful for a fun couple hours hiking around the park with the kids today...we had fun together and saw lots of cool things there! ( besides the geese )
grandpa was moved down to a different ward this afternoon after his lunch. they put him in the rehabilitation ward, but i don't think he's ready for that yet, and neither do the nurses in that ward...he's supposed to be able to use his walker on his own and he can't even get in and out of bed, go to the bathroom, sit in his chair in his room or anything yet un-assisted. never mind go full force into physical therapy...i don't know what these guys at the hospital are thinking...( or smoking? )
we are sooooo disappointed in the care he is being given there. what can we do? mostly, this is why one of us is always if he needs help we are there. he can press his 'help button' no problem, if he has 1/2 hour to wait to go to the grandma has been his own personal loving 'nurse'!!!!
oh well, i guess we'll just have to keep stickin' it out day by day...
thanks to everyone who have been commenting and sending me kind emails...i appreciate all your warm thoughts and e-hugs!!!


Tara said...

What a nightmare Kimmy. This isn't near as bad as your Grandpa's story of course but a few years back, Johnny was hospitalized at the Vic and I remember leaving him there lying in the hallway being so angry at the way he was being taken care of. When I asked if I could stay with him, I was asked "is he a child"?

I have heard one nightmare after another. It really is sad.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Have fun at tonight's class!


Kim said...

thanks tara...i'll miss you tonight!!! hope you had a fun vegas trip and i can't wait to hear all about it soon!!

Original Inspirations said...

Okay -- too many days passed -- it's now the 12th. How is Grandpa doing?


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, cute pics(of course!!!) Hope all is well with your Grandpa still and that the rest of you are taking care of yourselves also. Glad you had some time with the kids. Talk with you soon Luv ya. Nikki