Wednesday, August 15, 2007

birthday time

...we're getting to that time of year again when i am busy 'making things' for courtney's birthday party!!! she will be turning 9 on the 21st so we have been busy making our PLANS for her party that we're having on the 26th...and how will i EVER top last year's pirate party??? i guess by having a
good one courtney.
this was her choice theme for this year and after searching throughout winnipeg and also while we were in the States, i found NOTHING theme-wise for Mr. Wonka and his stupid chocolate factory....ugh. it's on to hand crafting everything again!!! don't get me wrong, i LOVE doing this kind of stuff, but with everything going on with grandpa and work and entertaining the kids all day, i feel like i am in a pinch now to be creative!!!
soooooo, we started my creative juices by watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other night complete with Wonka candy for our treats! i had a notebook ready to take down some notes that i might be able to do something with and away we went!!!
( i know, i know, i'm such a geek ) i was inspired to make my own replica of the famous GOLDEN TICKET as her invitation...i pretty much copied the front of the movie one and wrote down all the details on the back of the ticket...thank goodness for gold scrapbook paper, ya know! { GIGGLE }
i then proceeded to buy around 20 BIG chocolate bars ( thanks to dollarama...) to take the wrappers off and make our own design for and stuff our golden tickets inside!!! i foam painted and stamped the fronts of the wrappers....whew. only 19 more to make....hahahahaha...
then we'll be off to hand deliver them to our family and friends....

...and speaking of birthdays...
YESTERDAY was my mom's special day!! Happy 64th mom!!! ( heeheehee )
I had my mom, airiel and grandma come over for a nice little lunch in the afternoon and we all had a good little visit, and it also gave everyone ah hour and a half break from the hospital!!!
i was babysitting my neighbor's little guy, and tyler's good friend, Jordan for a while in the afternoon too, so that's his cute little mug in there with the gang!

( mom and grandma, our family angel...)

grandpa update:
monday and tuesday were great days!!! we was up a few times both days and going for little hallway walks with his walker! i was there for his evening walk on monday night and he did about 300feet!! he's been SMILING and JOKING's just wonderful to see him perk up a bit!! he's been working hard with his phys.therapist and is determined to go home with his loving wife! i think we are finally getting some progress, progress, progress!!!
i will be going up tomorrow morning to see him so i will try to get some new pic's then!
...well, off to work...


Elizabeth Zoppa said...


That is way up there on the create-o-meter. What a fabulous party idea. Hmmm maybe I'll use this theme at nursery school. Let me know how it turns out.


Kim said...

if you'd like me to keep the decorations i make for this party, to have for the preschool, please let me know and i'll hang on to them for you!!!

T said...

Wow Kim, you never cease to amaze me! What a lucky kid Courtney is!

Be sure to let us all know how it goes!

Say Happy Birthday to your from Me and Grams!


Elizabeth Zoppa said...


I definitely would love for you to hang on to the decorations and templates.



Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that your grandpa is making some progress. What great ideas you have for Courtney's birthday what a great mom you are to your kids. Have a good weekend.