Thursday, August 23, 2007

had to share...

..some pictures i took from kim and calvin's wedding on august 11...i had 'natural beauty' to work with and the utmost cooperation while i 'did my thing'!!!
thanks you two for a fun day and i'm so happy you love your pictures! i must say that this was the first time i had anyone meet me at my work for a 'snack' to pick up their album!! sorry i couldn't sit with you for a visit...

i don't know how good a quality they will look if you click on them to enlarge as i had to SCAN them all in....but they look pretty good here!


...just look at those eyes...i hope your (someday) babies inherit those!!! heeheehee...:O)

...what would be a "kim wedding" without some playing around??? i love this shot!!!
thanks for having a peek!!!
...and just so you know, and if you are interested, i also will do FAMILY, ENGAGEMENT, KIDS, ANNIVERSARY, AND ANY KIND OF CELEBRATION PHOTOGRAPHY!!! i've done many family photo shoots, new baby pic's, engagements, PETS and more, besides wedding photography! i have 7 years experience in photography and i am always happy to accomodate your requests!!! if you are interested in checking things out, give me an email and i'll be happy to chat with you!!!!
g'night all for now!!!

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Tara said...

That's awesome! Great job Kim! I just got a message from Kim on my Facebook telling me how much she loved your pics and how happy she is with them!

Hope you have a great Crop!