Friday, August 31, 2007 mom's...

he's outta there!!!
(second post today)
mike went around lunch time to go get grandpa from the hospital and to bring him to mom's house for some more recovery time!!! hopefully now things will be a lot more relaxed for everyone without all the hospital trips several times a day ( grandma and mom spent sooooo many hours up there...what troopers!)
we all went to mom's for the evening and ordered in supper....
"how about chinese food grandpa?"
"oh ya, that sounds great!"
...and almost a whole plate full later....way to go grandpa!
(told him the food would be better at mom's! )'s grandma and grandpa's "new accomodations" until they're ready for the next old room at mom's! which, of course, has actually been my niece Airiel's room for the last 14 years, but still...those curtains and that peach colored lamp used to be mine!!!
grandma on the left...grandpa's new stylin' electronic bed on the right...( complete with bedrails!)
...sleep tight tonight kids!!


Andrea said...

Looks great! I'm sure that having Grandpa next to her, Grandma had the best sleep she's had in quite some time.

Tara said...

Great news Kim! You must be so relieved. I'm so glad to hear he's home.

Chat soon!