Saturday, March 31, 2007

wow...a whole week without blogging??

has it really been a whole week since i've blogged? sorry guys!!
spring break is over tomorrow. very sad. the kids had some sleepovers at my moms house and had lots of fun (and were very spoiled as well ). courtney even had her first sleepover thursday night at her dance teacher's house too! there was 6 of them from her saturday workshop gang that stayed over!! i feel like i didn't see much of the kids this week with all their visiting plans....
what do you think of this project??? it's an ALTERED RECORD for a class i will be teaching on april 27 at home. this is the project that i was telling you to "stay tuned" for...( bad joke, i know )
i had a crop nite last night at home so a few of you got first peeks at was so much fun to make! and of course, i had to make my official statement "for the record" of why i liked Heidi Swapp's products so much!! i think i'm going to email the pic's to her again, i think she'd like to see her advertising made into a project....we'll see!
i was also inspired this week after watching a tricks technique video on Creating Keepsakes website on hand stitching on a the first picture of courtney "perfect angel" was my first attempt at that...she was only 4 in that cute!
well, only 2 MORE WEEKS until scrapaganza in stonewall....! i'm getting pretty excited now! the stock i've been ordering for the store has been rolling in here and i can't wait to put it all out and hear all the "oohhh's" and "aahhh's"...teehee. i've got to do lots of baking for the event as well. ugh. i'm a seasonal baker. maybe if i didn't also work outside the house besides all my other jobs i do, i might have more time for more domesticated just never lasts more than a couple days around here with mike, so it seems like lots of work just GONE in no time!!!
well, better be off now, gotta go pick up courtney's friend who's coming over for a sleepover...yet, another one!!!
i think it's a Red Lobster night tonight.....
enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!

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Tara LeClaire said...

That looks great Kim! Thanks again for all your help on Friday, I had a great time at class - can't wait for Stonewall!