Tuesday, March 20, 2007

feeling better now...

so it's only hair right?
mike came home from work last night, expecting the worse, and he surprisingly said he really liked it!!! ( compassion? pity? scared to tell the truth? )
at any rate...he still said he liked it this morning and that i'm just not used to it....no kidding!!
what a great husband he is!! ( or well trained by his mother )
i MIGHT post a picture of this shocking hairdo later tonight...

NOTE: he just called me now on his coffee break at work and said "good morning barbie girl" when i answered the phone...what a guy!!

well, it's 10am and i've got 3 loads of washing done ( folded and put away too ), emptied the dishwasher and did all the pots and pans from our "3 kinds of soup" supper last night since we're all getting sick around here...courtney is home again from school today as she still has a 101 temp. this flu of hers is just hanging around and won't leave.
i plan on trying to have as productive a day as possible today with the kids home....

i am working on finishing up a class project planned for april, so "stay tuned" on that one, literally!!! ( you'll see why! )

and i'd really like to clean up and reorganize my scrapbooking desk...can't seem to find it right now!!!

there's still a few spots left for the pizza party crop nite at my house this friday night....6pm - midnite...call or email if you can make it!!!

have a good day all!!


Tara LeClaire said...

Please Kim, post a picture - I want to see my twin!

Can't wait to see this mystery project!


your twin

Hudsonsmom1 said...

Let's see the before and after pics!!!

AsYouWishGreetings said...

I saw your comment on my blog, I actually read your blog first, but I didn't leave a comment because I only hopped on to see if anyone had anything new. I'm with Michele, I insist on seeing pictures!!!! If I can post my "boy hair" then you can post your malibu barbie hair! :P I would take barbie hair over "no hair" as my husband affectionately calls me, I still love him though. :P


Kim said...

you guys are gonna get an eyebrow raiser tonight...
i will get mike to take a pic tonight and i'll post it after (i'm doing a crop nite tonight at home, so it will be sometime later tonight)
i have decided to go ahead with my fun plan for scrapaganza in april and do the pink in the ends of my hair...i go tomorrow at 1pm!!!
i have been convinced not to add the "mocha streaks" as my hair has toned down A BIT since this whole incident...but i really wanted to put some "playful pink" in the ends for the event...soooo, i'm doing it baby!!!
i'll post tomorrow afternoon with the pink too...

...stay tuned folks!!!!!