Monday, March 19, 2007


not a good day at the hair salon today...

i'm a grown 35 year old woman, wife, and mother of two. i had to excuse myself from my hair dresser and pop into the ladies room for a quick little "pity party" for one and just let it all out man...

i took courtney on saturday afternoon after many weeks of pestering for some "hilites" in her hair...okay, you pick your battles right? it's only hair. so after dance, off we went to the hair salon and the girl did a BEAUTIFUL job on her dainty pretty blonde hilites!!! it looks great, and i really liked the girl who did her hair. i have a hair dresser who i've been going to ALL THE TIME since i was 17 years old, but she wasn't available until next week, so i thought i'd try someone else this time. and since i was so impressed with her personality and kind, friendly way about her, i booked myself an appointment for this morning to get my hair out of the way too. you have to understand me and that i rarely treat myself to any pampering on myself as the $$$ can always be used on something more practical than a hairdo...but i needed some serious TLC for my hair.

so, here was my plan...

i wanted my usual blonde hilites put in, a nice healthy trim AND, get this, about 2 inches of PINK dyed into the bottom ends of my hair!!! ( i wanted something "fun" for the Scrapaganza coming up and then i intended to get it all cut off afterwards...) so. in went the hilites, and then the hair dresser suggested an "undertone" to lighten all my hair up throughout....and that's when things just went from good to bad. i had no idea what "undertone" was and told her that she's the one who knows what she's i know what undertone is...i look like a bloody barbie doll. BLONDE all around. the hilites are there, but i have a whole head of blonde now too.

even before she washed it all out and started to style it i was getting scared. when she started to blow dry it to get ready to add the pink in is when i saw how blonde it ALL was. and that's when she saw the horrified look on my face and said "is it too blonde for you?" i politely said " i'll be right back" and headed for the bathroom, took a good long look at the shocking hairdo staring back at me and burst into tears...i'm such a suck...

i took off the smock and prepared to leave with my hair still half dripping wet and she now saw my pathetic bloodshot eyes and tried her best to offer to fix it by adding some "mocha streaks". ya, that's just what i wanted. more streaks. and how about a big fat boot in the crotch to go with those streaks m'aam??

she aked about how much pink i wanted to put in the bottom ends so she could at least do that for me. i asked her if she really thought i'd like to leave looking like a total clown? she offered for me to come back in a few days when i was ready and she's put in the darker color hilites for me....should i take the chance?

i am sooooo disappointed. you have no idea. i was looking so forward to getting my haid done nice and throw a fun twist of pink in to be playful for the Scrapaganza and now my hair looks like Malibu barbie.

ever have one of those days when things just don't go the way you wanted?
and the icing on the cake is that courtney has had the flu since saturday night, missed her dance competition suday morning because of it, and i kept her home from school today because she's still a little weak. i had to drag her out with me to the hair dresser on top of it, so she got to see quite a show starring her mom with a 100 temperature to boot. tonight is her last manta swim lesson for spring break too and she' s also going to miss that, bummer, and now the kids are bickering with each other non stop and driving me up the wall....

i think i should just send everyone to bed and call it a day, including me and my barbie hairdo.

better, happier post to come soon...


Tara LeClaire said...

Now excuse me, but what is wrong with Blond Hair?

JUST KIDDING! I have a had a few bad hairdresser experiences in my time too and I've learned to just do it myself already. But there are times where I wish someone would just do it for me and would gladly pay them but I'm so scared they will ruin it! AAAAHHHH!

It's a good thing you told her, I'm the type that would have said, "I love it"! and ran out crying. Hahahahaha!

Kimmy, you should just go back there and tell her what you want and get her to fix it. You paid her after all right? If you go somewhere else, you are going to have to pay them too. I'm saying this assuming she's not charging you to correct it, right?

Keep me posted my beautiful twin, hee hee!

Love ya!


Kim said...

sweet, sweet blonde barbie doll twin!
i did pay her. i did not tip her. i will go back and get her to "fix" it with some brown streaks, at no charge i was told. if she fixes it and redeems herself, as i DID, in fact tell her in the first place what i wanted, then i will tip her.
the pink is in question right now....although i was really wanting something fun for the event??? but maybe not by her if i do go ahead and do it...

Tara LeClaire said...

Good for you sister. She can't possibly screw up the pink can she? If you tell her what color and how much hair to do it with?

That's awesome you were getting pink ends! I would have been shocked when I saw you, that's for sure!

You rock.

Love T

Hudsonsmom1 said...

HOLY COW!!! what an awful day you must have had. I dont know what I would have done in your situation.
Are we talking about hot pink highlites? I think you should just see how the mocha highlites turn out and then judge whether or not you want to attempt the pink.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbie Doll!!!!
Don't fret about it cause you are BEAUTIFUL with blonde hair purple hair, stripped or polka dot hair! I know what you are thinking about it and you have nothing to worry about , you aren't used to it yet so give it a couple of days and let the shock wear off, you never know it may stay. like they say blondes have more fun!!! So see if it's true...Nikki