Monday, March 5, 2007

life appreciation

this is mike and i on our wedding day in 2004. and the other picture is of my grandparents taken in 2005 at our family thanksgiving gathering.
besides my mother who i either see or talk to on the phone every day, and my two sweet beautiful children whom i love with all my heart, these three above mentioned people ( whom i also love with all my heart...yes it's very big with lots to go around! ) are the ones who have been on my mind a lot lately. perhaps the reason being that I know how much i love them, but really dont' tell them often enough. perhaps the fact that this past week has been full of sudden announcements of deaths, all of them with children left behind, or alone completely, has made me seek personal reflections of my own life and the people i love.
we all take forgranted that we will see each other tomorrow, or "talk to ya later"...and for these families who's lives have been thrown into a whirlwind of unanswered WHY? questions and futures changed forever has made me appreciate all the things i have in my life. it seems to be a topic of conversation for anybody when someone dies..."well you never really know do you, when it's gonna be your turn.." and the lives that have been stung with the bittersweet unfair sting of death lately have had this remark to it's fullest reality. untimely death is so cruelly unfair. my heart aches for cielle who lost her father suddenly last tuesday, and for jan's 19 year old nephew and father to an 8 month old on thursday, who was accidentally killed on his way to work, a paramedic going off to save lives. ironic isn't it? and for the families of brent and eve who were killed together in a car accident also on thursday, they were to be married this summer. they leave behind a 10 year old boy. we don't understand any of the WHY? questions and accept them only as unfair and that we must go on.
i feel amost guilty that we ALL do the same thing when tragedies like this happen...the personal reflections, renewed life appreciation, and the need to tell someone how much you love them. it's called taking forgranted.
we all know we do it. we can't help it. we all have busy busy schedules and lists of things we need to get done, but MY renewed life appreciation will defiately include expressing more love and appreciation to my husband for all the wonderful things he does for me, for putting me on a pedistal day after day, and for loving me as much and the same as the day we met. for being the best father to the kids and all he does for them. telling my grandparents more often that a day doesn't go by that i don't think of them in one way or another. my family is the world to me as i'm sure your family is the world to you.
tell them so.
and tell them everyday.


Tara said...

That was beautiful Kimmy. Thanks for mentioning Brent and Eve. I know they are looking down at me right now saying, "Jeez Tara, get a grip and get on with it"! Hahahahaha!
Love ya Kimmy

deb said...

Sorry you are having such an unhappy week. You and yours are in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there.