Tuesday, March 6, 2007

a better day

so yesterday was kinda a "woe is me day" i think. the last few days have been a sadness overload, and it caught up with me i guess. but i've taken deep breaths, had some hugs and the reality of it all is that life does go on. so, i'm having a happier day today and felt like posting one more wedding pic ( they're all just so great i had to share a few ). mike is always just what i need, any time of day. he's my strength and my hero. i don't know what i'd do without him. he has cheered me up and i am so grateful for having him in my life...got husband? if so, give him a hug!!

and back to my world of all chaos...life has indeed been going on here! i registered my tyler ( my baby..whaahhh) for kindergarten yesterday. can't believe it. i'm still shaking my head. and courtney had mini manta last night and had a really good workout. she slept well last night...and dance again tonight. she's got a special Scottish Tea this coming sunday where all the dancers have a "spot of tea and scones" and dance in a small performance for everyone and then they are all presented with their awards and medals from their dance exams they did this past november and also just a few weeks ago in february. it's a nice afternoon and courtney loves getting all those fancy awards...right from scotland!! and then another competition next weekend ( march 18 ).

classes are doing great...still lots of room at the hall crop ladies...march 16 ( 6pm - midnite $10 ) check out my newsletter for more info!! altered paint can class is on friday and i still have room for 3 or 4 more if you can make it out??

i FINALLY received my order i was waiting on since last week...lots of goodies for the Scrapaganza in stonewall...still waiting on another HUGE order with about 90% of it all Heidi Swapp eye candy!!! can't wait for that one to arrive!!

i've been working on some layouts for display at the Scrapyard in stonewall as i am part of their design team now!! check out my profile on the website at www.scrapyardcanada.com and click on Design Team...layout postings to come soon so keep checking it out! or better yet, see them for yourself in the NEW STORE opening this saturday, march 10 for their Grand Opening...313 Main St ( beside home hardware ) i am hoping to get to go there some time during the day!
i am excited as tonight i finally made myself try something new...i've been wanting to try printing on a transparency sheet ( which i've had stashed away for about a year now...wiener that i am ) and i did it tonight to use on one of my display layouts....LOVE IT!!!! sorry, no pic's yet... it's soooooooo easy and totally cool! most scrapbook stores sell it buy the sheet if they've got it otherwise it's by the case at office supply stores!
well, i guess that's all for me tonight.
sleep tight everyone!

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