Monday, April 2, 2007

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...

i'm soooooo excited that i could do a HIGHLAND FLING right about now.....(well, probably not, but i am very excited!)
know how i mentioned in my last post that i might email my pictures of the altered Heidi Swapp record to her staff and see if they could forward it to her??? well, i did it. and they forwarded it.
and Heidi Swapp herself emailed me today!!! you guys have NO IDEA how freaked out i was to see her name as the sender in my email list! i wrote to them basically say what i said the record was about in my last post and that she might enjoy seeing some inspiration created using her products and PACKAGING in a fun way!!
here's what she wrote me:
"i am laughing! that is a lot of heidi stuff, and heidi packaging!
you are indeed inspired!
i love it, thanks for sharing!
my favorite part is where she wrote "i love it"...
(big sigh, big smile, life is good!)
if this is the last project i ever make, i will feel confident that it was a good one!!!
i told my friend tara ( who's just so sweet ) that in comparison, it would be like singing on American Idol and Simon tells you afterwards that he liked your singing....this is truly a huge compliment! That she took the time to look at all EIGHT pictures of it and then a few more minutes to send me an email...
anywho...enough basking for me!
i just wanted to share my excitement with all my friends because i simply can't phone all of you and with the same enthusiasm tell the same story over and over, here's where it's at!!
and on a different note quickly....for those of you coming to Scrapaganza in 12 MORE SLEEPS, make sure you bring a PEN with you...WHY???? you ask? Allison just came home from a spring break week in Montana with her family to go skiing...guess who fell and broke her leg on DAY 1 about an hour and a half into the trip? Yep. Allison.
so, bring a pen to scrapaganza to sign her cast and make her feel better!!!
(hugs to you Allison!)
g'night all!!!


Tara LeClaire said...

Woohoo, way to go Kimmy!

Hudsonsmom1 said...

Congratulations on your honor. The album was gorgeous and you should be very proud of it. I would show it off too!!! Heidi was probably honored by this.
Great work

AsYouWishGreetings said...

WOW! I think I would of peed my pants! :) I can totally relate to the comparison to American Idol. That's really awesome Kim!!!!! I would love to see it in person! :) Hopefully I'll get out to a hall crop or something, I'll see it then and you can see my tote! :)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Kim!!! I'm with Amanda I would love to see it in person the next time I make it out... Keep all the good work its paying off.

Kim said...

thanks gals for all your kind comments...dontcha LOVE getting comments and emails? it lets you know you're not talking to yourself at any rate...

.freckled.nest. said...

did you pee your pants a little bit?
Congrats on that!! How cool!!! It's like...."AHHHH-She said MY name!!!".... love it!
Is your hair still pink? You're like a Heidi Swapp walking advert! lol.

Debb said...

Congrats! Kim. I thought I would let you know that Heidi's reps are sending me replacement stuff for the rub-ons I hate. What a great company Eh?

Kim said...

LA...i think i'm going to start charging royalties for her advertising...hahahaha..
i do still have the pink in my hair for scrapaganza but it's faded a lot...i'm kinda disappointed in it. gonna do it again a few days before the event so it's nice and bright!!
DEB, glad things are getting fixed for you...let me know if they send you any "extras"....