Thursday, March 1, 2007

altered paint can class

how sweet is this?
these pic's are of courtney's altered paint can BABY CAPSULE, a class i am teaching at my house on march 9 (from 6pm-midnite...$15) on her can i have painted, added fuzzy rubons, buttons, fibers and some stickers. and lets not forget the ton of ribbons...( me being a fiber-a-holic and all ) inside it i have chosen a few of her baby keepsakes from infancy, like her hospital baby hat, a special baby blanket, her coming home outfit, her Gerber baby spoon, and a couple other special items. i have taken pictures of each item in the can and made a little accordian fold out mini album explaining why each item is so special...AAAWWWWW!!! ( wink )
i have, naturally, made a baby capsule for tyler as well ( sorry, no pic's yet ) with all the same special ingredients inside..oh, can't forget to mention i also included both of their first pairs of baby shoes...
i will be putting these heirloom capsules away for many, many, many, many, many, many, many (did i say many?) years until MY kids have their first will be a gift to be treasured!!!
at the class, you can make your capsule for many different occasions...memories from weddings, babies, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, special vacations, get the idea!
if you haven't received your March calendar of classes yet, please email so i can send one out to you...
AND...still lots of spots available for the SCRAPAGANZA 2 in Stonewall on april 14 ( 9am - 8pm ) homemade meals and snacks, tons of prizes, free classes and make-n-takes, goodie bags, and more....grand prize of the day was recently told to me...a CRICUT DIE CUTTING MACHINE...WOW!! come on out for a fun, fun day and play!!! please email for more info, i have registration forms available at home!! ( reg fee $50 for the day including all the extras! )
have a happy, yet still snowy, day everyone!! drive safe!


Debbie said...

I Love these little paint cans. I should make three for my gang. I didn't save all those little baby things like you did though and the things I did save Are probably scrapbooked. I have altered a bunch of coffee cans. If you run the can through the dishwasher the smell of coffee goes away.

.freckled.nest. said...

cute cute kim! Is this the little size paint can or a full size one?

Kim said...

the paint cans are the one gallon size withe the handle. they are bought clean and NEVER used from a hardware store, just so everybody kids love their special baby capsules!!