Tuesday, February 27, 2007

another project!

here's your sneak peak....i will be teaching this adorable folded mini tag album at the Scrapaganza in stonewall in april. the pictures are of my courtney, man time flies. i had fun pulling out the baby pictures again, i miss that! sometimes it's almost fun to contemplate a third child, but then the yelling and bickering of that sweet love between the two we already have pulls us back to smart reality and the thought is gone and more of a nightmare actually... :O) i pat my scrapbooking icon on the back as she's expecting her 5th baby in july! yep. five. heidi swapp you rock...a-bye! well, i'm dog tired. have to catch up on some rest and sleep from the last couple crazy days. tyler is sleeping with his new spiderman from his pal taylor again tonight. courtney has her stuffed dogs all lined down the side of her bed against the wall...funny 'cuz that's EXACTLY what i did with all my favorite stuffed toys on my bed at bedtime too!! and the house is quiet...ssshhhh...zzzz!


.freckled.nest. said...

Very pretty Kim! Did you pullout the kleenex doing this project and say things like "oh how she's grown" and "it feels like just yesterday" and "next thing i know, she'll be in highschool"...? Lol.
Where's your sitemeter?

Kim said...

ya, ok. still working on the sitemeter thing...not all of us are computer smarty pants ya know...(wink)
nope, i didn't need kleenex, but i do miss her being a baby...

debbie said...

I agree with your other post I would be bawling if I was making one of these books with baby photos.

AsYouWishGreetings said...

lol - I had a teddy bear named paddington when I was growing up. I used to make sure that he was tucked in when I went to bed, and as long as he was in bed with me I felt "safe". I still have him, but he's been replaced with a bigger teddy bear named Sean. :P

Nice to see you blogging again, I kept checking, but no new posts....:( but you're back! :) YEAH! :)

Love the album, so cute.....don't have any kids of my own, but Hailey is already 6 months old!!! She's half a year already!!! Can't wait for her to say "double A" (that's what my family calls me, Auntie Amanda)