Thursday, April 28, 2011


...Speedy Gonzales...
i have been wanting one of these cute little cactuses for my car for a LONG time, and started looking last spring in mexcio...of course with no luck.
our next door neighbors just returned from Arizona and LOOK what they found for me and my new car!!!
i love it!
( even if my friend linda says that the value of my car has decreased with it on it....hahahaha)
...and just a quick little piece of excitement to share with you...
last night tyler bowled in another tournament!
he was elected Bowler of the Month back in october, and at the end of every season, they hold a Bowler of the YEAR tournie for all the recipents.
it's a pins over average competition and tyler went into this event with a 103 Average...
...incredibly, his first game of three last night was 227!!!!
we were sooooo excited for him as this was also his very first over 200 game!
( we being myself, tyler and my mom who came to cheer him on - mike had to take courtney to her dance lesson! ) two was 127, and game three was he finished with a +186 pins over his average...
...and he WON the tournament!!!!
he now has to bowl this sunday afternoon in an accross Manitoba final Bowler of the Year tournament, again with a pins over average determination.
i wont' be able to go and cheer / coach him on as our courtney is also competing in a very important dance competition this sunday's her selection meet championships event that determines the top 3 dancers from each permier class as the Manitoba Reps for the Canadian Inter-Provincial Championships in July...
...and the icing on the cake last night was another SPECTACULAR performance by my favorite Idol,
i think HIS personal best yet too!!!
sooooooo happy for him!

You. Rock. James. back soon...


xoxo... t said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Way to go, Tyler! What a GREAT day for him! And wishing C all the best in your competition on Sunday, you will do great!
HAHA! Nice cactus, Kimmy!

Anonymous said...

OK Kim, I don't care about James, Bah! But Tyler, Wow, what a crazy event, that boy's on fire! I hope it goes just as well for Courtney (And Alex!) this sunday.
You gotta be so proud of that bowling machine you call a son! Holy Moly!
and I like Cactus Pete there on your car! So cute!
Man, you guys are hard to keep up with. (so happy for ya!)
see ya,
Lori N.