Monday, May 2, 2011

...sunday update...

what can you do?
what can you say?
...when your heart breaks for you child who has been working so hard for so long to be successful and come SO CLOSE at yesterday's chance to win a provincial respresentative spot at her dance competition?
she actually tied with another dancer winning two 3rds and two 4ths the same...but when it's a Championship class, the math comes down to Judges placings and the other dancer squeaked by, literally,by a measly 13 points.
and there were only 3 rep spots per premier age group.
So. Discouraging.
So. Frustrating.
(while peeking around the corner into the living room last night, this was what i saw...)
...i let her have her sad afternoon. i couldn't fix things for her. i too, was sad with her.
we had decided almost two weeks ago to go to the Canadian Inter-Provincial championships (in Nova Scotia - July ) regardless of winning a Rep spot or not, and had booked a room and registered back then for her competitions already, so we were all really hoping that she would be going as a Rep, but prepared to accept going either way.
Until yesterday. Grr...
it's really hard to stay positive along the way when time after time it's the same kids always winning and showing their bad sportsmanship by bragging how they hardly even practised while walking off the stage after results. Or bragging to your face how "i already knew I was going to be a Rep" before the competition even starts.
It. Gets. Sickening.
life goes on and i had a little talk with her that even though she's sad today, she will look back at the photos and be happy she was a part of it all anyway.
she won 3rd runner up ( which means in this competition, that should one of the other Reps in her class be unable to attend Inter-prov, she would be first in line as the next Rep ) and still won a new trophy to bring home...
there are so many kids that don't even win any medals on days like these and to imagine how they feel after all their preparing too.
ugh, highland dance is no easy sport. and some days we wonder if the stress and pressure it puts on these kids is worth it. but at the end of the day, disheartened or victorious, as a former dancer in my own youth, I believe it teaches them self discipline, self reward and determination to stick with it and carry on. ( and to try your best to ignore the negative comments from other competitors )
there will always be another competition!
( courtney and her new dance teacher susan with her special bunny gift for good luck! )

...this years manitoba representitives and runner ups for Inter-Prov...
...a tough smile to put on...
...and a nonetheless proud hug from susan!
(thanks for being supportive and understanding today!!!!)
while courtney was at her dance competition, as i mentioned in my last post, tyler was at his YBC Bowler of the Year Manitoba wide tournament!
But...seems that no luck ran in our family yesterday as he didn't have such a great day.
he did finish his day with a +26 pins over average, but not near enough to win...
but that's YBC is now done for the year and we are looking forward to his big bowling banquet next week on the 11th....especially tyler!!!

that's that for yesterday.
and since i don't want to finish this post off on a negative note...
on your beautiful wedding...
...and it's sure nice to read good news in the paper today....
i just might frame my winnipeg sun front page of Osama bin Laden's send off wishes to
"burn in hell"!!!! back soon -on a happier note!!!


xoxo... t said...

Sigh... a crappy day to go with the crappy weather. So sad that C had a rough day yesterday, it's always tough in competition...

As for the bad sportsmanship. Why is this repeatedly permitted? It is completely unacceptable in other sports, and kids who do it anyway? Are punished. Sometimes I think parents are afraid of their kids these days.

Anyway, onward and upward for both C and T. Keep persevering, kids!

xoxo... T

p.s. I can't get enough of the Royal Wedding!

p.p.s. I was just remarking on my Twitter last night that this was just the best year ever to do PL365... so many big things have happened in 2010/2011.

Kim said...

Thank you Tara for your warm always! You know, I will guarantee you that most of these parents do NOT know the things their kids say sometimes...and Courtney and I have just been hearing things for so long now that we expect nothing less than just that. Some kids are just thoughtless while bragging to others...and it's unfortunate that it happens because it takes away from ANY kind of warm, fuzzy feeling after working so hard and trying to be happy with whatever any outcome brings...stomaching THAT is worse.

and yes....most definitely, onward and upward...keeping positive and moving on! Perserverence is definitely one of courtney's qualities-hahaha!

I KNOW!!! HUGE year for doing 365...Staples is gonna love us for all the copying and laminating! HA!


Anonymous said...

oh my, so feeling for you all on a sad day. I am sending out hugs for your sadness and big hugs on accomplishing making it so far and doing VERY WELL regardless! Your kids are so talented! Dang it about the braty kids that can keep acting like spoiled brats. A good month with NO electronics and stuck in the bedroom with NOTHING and an apology to the rest of the dancers would be an eye opener! They should have a speach done before the competition on what being a Highland Dancer is about!! I tooo was into the Royal Wedding!! I cried. I laughed. I was on the edge of my seat with giddiness!! Such a beautiful day with such heartache that Diana wasn't there. But alas she was at it in spirt and heart. I loved it all, and Harry cracks me up...Nikki xoxoxoxo

Kim said...

Thanks Nikki!

Feelin' better was just a real, real bummer of a day yesterday. i couldn't wait til bedtime for it to be over.

and the wedding was spectacular! (every girl will be dressed as Princess Kate this halloween...)

Looking soooooo forward to summer holidays at the lake.....

and I hope you are feeling better today too!! HUGZ!

Anonymous said...

So sorry Courtney and Tyler - We're sending a big hug to help the hurt go away.

Gramma Liz and Papa Ken

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Courtney --I am so sorry that things were so darned close this year. I really thought she had it. Its an awful feeling and we've been there too. I think Courtney danced awesome on Sunday, I could see her working so hard, those long lovely dancer's legs and the thought she was putting into her steps too- it will work out the next time.
Sorry for Tyler too, just bad luck that day, but he'll come into his own in the new season ahead.
I wasn't home at all yesterday as I worked the election so didn't see your post until now.
but our thoughts are with you all.
Lori N.

Kim said...

Thank you Lori!!!

You're such a wonderful and warm support to Courtney and I at ALL dance events! We are feeling much better now and focusing on what's ahead...but you know how "that day" goes when you get home and the waterworks start!

We are looking very forward to Nova Scotia just the same and knowing there is an extra day off dancing for touring is most welcome! (wink)

Big hugs again to you and Alex on her wonderful, successful day! despite all the craziness that happened before she even guys are so special to us!


Anonymous said...

Sad to lose to poor sports...but she shall rise and triumph some day! her hard work will pay off. Keep the faith! My kid was always 2nd or 3rd behind some poor sports but passed them eventually and got good sportmanship awards to boot- someone was watching all these years!


Kim said...

Thankyou for your encouragement Allison!

That's what we keep telling her too..."one day, your hard work will pay off"...

I'm sure that Charlotte can relate to snide, 'better-than-you remarks throughout her ballgame really does get old and immature, but still and nonetheless hurtful. We are just fed up with it. Kids shouldn't have to deal with attitudes like that and unfortunately, we've been dealing with this for far too long.

But...keeping positive and done with negative comments!!!

Anonymous said...

; )