Tuesday, April 5, 2011


...according to a fun little FENG SHUI HOROSCOPE quiz i played along with this morning,

here are my results!

*I am spontaneous and love affection

*I have a lot of loves and friends in my life

*My life will be great. I will find my soul mate

*I have a friend who completely confides in me and would do anything for me

*my friend tara should be a best friend

*I am a laid back kind of person

*I am spontaneous and like to please people

*and i wish we could get a bigger house, and IF I EMAIL THE QUIZ ON TO 10 MORE PEOPLE, MY WISH WILL COME TRUE BY MY NEXT BIRTHDAY!!!


( okay you suckers who I DID forward that email to, you better make my wish come true!! )


And yesterday after school was


...and DANCE!!

... i am working on a layout today for a new, fun little adventure that Tara and i are registered online for...

Sketchbook 3 with Kelly Purkey.

yesterday was Day One.

i will come back later and share my layout with you!

...be back soon...



xoxo... t said...

You are a blogging MACHINE lately! YES! I love coming on here and seeing "The Scrappin' Studio" at the top of my Blog Love list!

AWWW! I feel the same way of course!

Yummm... slurpees. We might have to do the same :)

Can't wait to see that LO!


Anonymous said...

I for sure will do it! LMAO Taylor and I had a slurpee the other day "Cherry DR Pepper" and it so rocked !! I have at least 2-3 Slurpees per summer! Can't wait to see the layout!...Nikki XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

I love the layouts. What a beautiful young woman Courtney is becoming.
Enjoy seeing your posts!
Lori N.