Wednesday, April 6, 2011 6) my sweet grandma's 90th BIRTHDAY!!!

she is in very good health, good spirits (most days) and still so in love with my grandpa! (who will turn 90 as well on april 19)

after school today, i took the kids and picked up my mom and we went up to the nursing home for a special birthday visit...

...we all stayed and had supper with them in the family room where tyler entertained them with a little piano playing after dinner...and...

there was a HULA HOOP activity going on next door in the multi purpose room and the kids were asked if they would come in and show the witty senior residents present how to hula hoop!!!

sooooo cute...they got an applause and everything! Hahahaha!!




...after coming home from courtney's dance lesson tonight, i was excited to finish off my second layout for DAY TWO in the Studio Calico Sketchbook 3 online class I am taking...

thought i'd share some shots of the new one!

...there seems to be so much scrappy excitement happening around me lately...

-365: Project Life - a daily keepup

-Sketchbook 3 -every second day for the month of april

-my hall crop tomorrow night ( april 8 )

-next weekend i am a vendor at sheila lamb's Scrappy Chicks Getaway for 3 days in Bird River

-a fun 2 day crop with Lora Leigh May 6/7

-going with mom and some GREAT friends to Miami, Mb May long for a Vegas weekend of scrapbooking ( that I will be a GUEST at..not working! )

-and then my fun Scrap into Summer 2 day crop May 27/28



...and i am working on THIS fun little number to share with my new friends in Bird River...

but i can't share with you yet!!!

heeheehee...i'm the devil!

...and one last little thing i want to share a peek at for you...

i found these PeRfEcT CoLoR CoMbO NaPkInS for my theme colors for my May crop today...

seriously. i giggled out loud in the store, all by myself, in pure happy delight.

;o) back soon...


xoxo... t said...

OMGEEEEEEE I looooooove it Kim! I love it love it love it! The stitching is FAB!

Aaaagh I love this class - will be working on it tonight when I get home.

Great job on Day 2!

Oh yes, and happy birthday to your Grandma!


Original Inspirations said...

I didn't know you were going to Miami. YAHHHHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

Love the paper colours, wow, they pop!
I think it is so wonderful that your grandparents are hanging in there with good spirits and together. congratulations on your grandma's birthday! Amazing.
I am sure the whole place was delighted to have a visit from the kids. Your family is like a ray of sunshine kim! Hee hee. LoriN.
have a good time.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh the colors!! Wonderful! I just love the fact that Grandparents still love to celebrate a birthday unlike myself who dreads the day where I am now geting older and the #4 is at the begining! That cake looks so de-lish! Looks like You are just a busy bee!How do you say fun HULA HOOPING!!...Nikki xoxoxo

xoxo... t said...

P.S. I am very happy about all this scrappy news :D

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of everyone - looks like Bunty had a special day on her Extra Special birthday.