Friday, April 22, 2011

Bird River!

...guess lots of you have been waiting for me to post some pics from my fun, scrappy weekend at
Bird River Bible Camp! (april 14 - 18 )
i was asked by a fellow scrappin' friend to come join her Scrappy Chicks with my store for a weekend retreat!
it was a smaller, more personal crop ( just what i LOVE! ) and it was indeed most enjoyable!
my mom came along with me to this one and i was happy for her company!
we had some snow overnight friday night and all day on and off, flurries and windy on saturday...but that didn't stop me from being optimistic for Spring and wear my flip flops all weekend long! HA!
...i had left my camera back at home with mike to video courtney's dancing at her competition on saturday that i was not going to be at! so i had brought courtney's camera along with me, not realizing that the wrong date was showing on the camera until it was too late...oh well...
this was the main lodge we stayed in...dorm style bedrooms with bunk beds ( one set to ourselves ) and they were actually quite comfy too! ( bringing your own bedding made it feel more like home! )
and the cropping area was right off the bedrooms!
we also had a full kitchen available right in the lodge so making coffee, tea or bringing along food was always available for snacking! at work... at the mini album class i tought in the dinning hall...
...this is jackie and chris. she was our hospitality hostess and director, and her husband chris was a FABULOUS chef for the weekend! they are from florida and came to this camp in manitoba on a year long mission work and will be returning to florida in may...( chris told me discovering driving on black ice this winter was a scary highlight of manitoba winters - aside from experiencing -45 temperatures! -no doubt! )
...and here's just a peek at some of our awesome meals this weekend...

...SEE!!!!???? told ya i was staying optimistic for spring! and i ... photo... chillaxin' while i loaded up the SUV to come home...
...and can i say that i am quite fond of my little cherries air freshener..
...and here's another peek at some of my work from Bird River...
this first one i did for my Kelly Purkey online sketch class and it really got me inspired and motivated.
i was soooooo lost in my creations this weekend...just awesome to feel so productive, it doesn't happen very often!

...april 19 was my grandpa's official 90th birthday!
but the kids and i went up for a visit after school on the 20th and stayed to have dinner with them. after dinner, they both had a little musical production for them! they hadn't heard courtney play her saxophone yet, and she included Loch Lomond in her proud of my kids!

...and I LOVED American Idol, once again, this week!!!
I am sooooo absorbed in this season...i think because i have just loved James since auditions and I immensely enjoy watching him perform and grow as an artist and soooo happy for him and his progress and achievements.
seriously. there hasn't been one thing that i haven't enjoyed by him yet.
Durbin, you rock!!! keep it going!
(he has been my prediction to WIN since he made the top 24...i can FEEL it)
we are off to my MIL's for easter dinner and a visit now...
so here's to wishing you and your families a very Happy Easter weekend!!!
from Oliver and his family!!
( heeheehee )
x0x0 back soon...


Anonymous said...

OHHHH Kim what a fantastic blog today !!! Just wonderful layouts!! I wish I could have gone to your scrapping weekend, it liiked like such an inspiring scrapping one! Mind you I just loved the one with me in it?! The food looked so delish! I would so love to hear the kids play a song soon. Glad it was a fab time with the scrapping and the B-Day celebrations! Have a HAPPY EASTER & enjoy the long weekend! BTW I totally enjoyed seeing Oliver in the Easter pictures! Oh to have a bunny on Easter! xoxoxo Nikki

Original Inspirations said...

Kind of catchy, is't it! "Oliver and his family".

Happy E you'all.


it's me said...

Happy Easter to all of you!! Your layouts look great as usual. It looks like you have a very fun week-end out. What a special celebration you got to have with your grandparents. It's great when our kids can make it even more personal with their talents!! Take care. Susan

Anonymous said...

Hoppy Easter, Mr Oliver and his family and happy to see your great layouts, all the best!
Lori N

Kim said...

Thanks everyone!!!

...and yes Thelma..."oliver and his family" sure is catchy! heeheehee!!


Anonymous said...

Love your layouts Kim they are so bright and cheery, just like you!
Your weekend looked like they really fed ya up good. haha

xoxo... t said...

Looks like you had a blast! Love the atmosphere and you were SO productive, WOW! Love it! Wish I could have come, next time!