Saturday, April 2, 2011

...just some stuff...

...Spring Break...

is it really friday already?

where oh where has this week gone?

i had big 'clean up' plans for the week and got zero crossed off my list.

maybe that's a good thing though...sometimes life just needs to




...yesterday i took Courtney with me 'thrifting' for some new books...

this is not something i usually do, but after catching up on lots of lovely blogs this week, i felt intrigued to go and have a look around at other people's lost/given away/donated treasures...

and i also just happened to find 3 books that i've been wanting to read!!!


and even though I am aware that all three books have also been created to the big screen, I still wanted to read them. I did see Eat Pray Love and adored the movie...but I'm sure there's a lot of content and personality lost if you don't read the there you have it.

i started right away with reading The Lovely Bones, and I cannot put it down...i am in agonizing waiting to see if the killer is caught.

will i watch this movie after the book?


i have a young daughter and it's already hitting too close to home. i already told her last night to get used to the fact that my driving the kids to school up til now, will continue right on through university and to and from her future jobs!!!!


Again, another big screen story.

not sure if i will be able to watch that one either...but we'll see.

...and what have you been reading lately???

it seems the only thing i felt inspired enough to reorganize yesterday was my flowers from my mom!!!

she bought these for me last friday and they are still alive and well...

so yesterday, they went from


...TO THIS... ...Hmmmm... not much else to say! 365: Project Life is going to be the death of me yet... hahahaha... it is absolutely a love / hate relationship!!! ( looking forward to june 30's last entry...) ( and looking forward to the years ahead that our family and friends will enjoy a stroll through our days...)
...and this week's IDOL???? are you kidding me?

it is sooooo good!!!!

...what did you do for spring break???? back soon...



xoxo... t said...

NICE book shopping! I have read Lovely Bones and seen the movie, and it is definitely hard to watch! I've read EPL, the book is surprisingly hard to get into. Took me awhile, it's one of the few movies I liked better than the book. Saw Precious, it was pretty crazy - never read it.

Those flowers are lookin' good :)

Hope you had a wonderful spring break!


Kim said...

thanks for your reading input tara!! I don't think I will be able to watch The Lovely Bones, but the book is most captivating!

Eat Pray Love is definitely a fabulous movie...we'll see what the book is like!

And I am expecting trial and tribulation in Precious.

Spring break was VERY chill and quiet...can't wait to hear all about your Calgary family holiday!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I have been reading a Diana Gabaldon book, lord grey and the private matter, or something like that. Not my regular genre, but i like heavy and realistic books. over Chrismas I read The Corrections and Freedom by Jonathon frantzen and those are some of the best books I have ever read. I can lend them to you.
My kids are older than yours by a bit so March break wasn't too exciting for son was at university, the other was at home or out with his buddies at night, as you know Alex went to BC so I missed her a lot. see you at the April competition.
Lori N.