Wednesday, October 15, 2008


...some people are asking and i
available for this friday nights class!
includes 6 page tabbed album, 3 binder rings, patterned papers, cardstock, use of paints ( if so desired to try ) and a few small embellsishments.
paper trimmer
adhesives ( glue dots or double sided tacky tape work best for this project )
-rubons are AWESOME for this!
bring your stash and have fun finishing off this cutie!!
( BEFORE PHOTO...after being finished off...)

...also there is still room for the monday, october 20th class too!
Class fee $15
( if y0u would like more info on this and other classes, please email to receive your monthly newsletter if you haven't yet!

...i hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families!
we celebrated on saturday at my moms house with a super yummy dinner...
( brother curt, papa, niece airiel, brother darren and mikey )
( courtney and nana )

( future s-i-l, mom and mikey )

and moms home cookin'!!!
( i could go for that again anytime! )

look dana, I made your recipe for the epicure summer berry tarts!
( with light pudding and light whip topping )
they were yummy too!
...and on sunday we went out to mike's parents in woodmore for another delicious thanksgiving supper!! ham, garden cooked carrots, garden cucumbers, cabbage rolls, perogies and kim's pasta salad! we were also treated to pumpkin pie and banana cream pie!
i love the holidays...
to our moms who made our families a very special thanksgiving dinner and
for always being such a huge and special part of our family!!
we love you!!!
ignore the 'loader' 'bulldozer' comments...what's up with that??


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim looks like you had a great Thanksgiving(s)! Th efood looks awesome as usual.... Sorry I have to be at work for 6am on sat.. I will get together with you soon... Luv Nikki

Tara said...

Weird! Who are all these commentors??

Anyway that food all looks delicious and makes me want to have an EARLY lunch! I think I'll make my way to the kitchen right now! Haha!

Both of those albums look AWESOME. Please save my supplies for both classes if you have, I wouldn't mind making one each for the kids (the school binder).

See ya Saturday night!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
very cool album and amazing school days keeper! Great ideas.

Mike looks terrif. in his Scotland rugby shirt. Nice to see all the family again!
See you on Sat.

luvscare10 said...

hey that is cool cAn you comment on my blog??? please no on ever does! :)
- Kylie