Thursday, October 9, 2008


the first compeition of
was on last night...
( yes, courtney and i are total SYTYCD addicts )
an old friend of mine had also auditioned for this first canadian series and made it to the ballroom choreography before she was cut...pretty darn good.
my fav dancer right now is NICO...i think he'll go far in this one...
second and third fav's are Danny and Allie...
did you see the contemporary dance with Miles & Lara??
the dance was awesome,
what totally caught my attention in their number was their
it's the song that is playing right now..
it's called
Slow Me Down
Emmy Rossum.
it was a totally appropriate song of MY LIFE!!
wow, i could soooo relate to this song, it really moved me...literally to tears!!
not completely in a bad way, but it was definitely an eye opener!!
i love what i do so much ( the scrappin studio ) but sometimes i really do feel like my life is just rushing past me sometimes and i miss out on things.
i am so truly and gratefully blessed with so much in my life, and i know that i alone create
most of my own chaos...but i love a busy life!!!
But, you know, every once in a while, you just gotta slow down and
enjoy all you have made for your life.
so, take time to step out of your life, and love everything you see in it!!!
{ you can youtube emmy rossum slow me down to see her incredibly beautiful video....}
i am a little computer illiterate when it comes to linking things...hahaha
...hug someone you love like you MEAN IT today!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kim, sorry I did not watch any of SYTYCD. But I do like the song. I'm glad that you and Courtney have a show you can enjoy together. And yes you do need to slow it down a bit. Hope all is well and TTYL...Nikki

Anonymous said...

Passion! You gotta live with Passion--its what gives us the thrills, the highs and lows. But yeah, everyone needs a break sometimes!
Did you see Cloris Leachan dancing on Dancing With the stars? That was inspiring! I can't even move like that anymore!
Lori N

Tara said...

What a nice song Kimmy! Have a great time tonight at the Crop and I will see you soon!

Have a great day!