Wednesday, October 1, 2008

just because...

...tyler makes me laugh.
i love him so...

...i am off to Kansas, Mo tomorrow for a few nights to visit my friend linda, her husband and new FIRST baby, jill...i am sooo excited to see them.
but, tyler is very sad that i am going away alone for a few days and now i am feeling sad too.
i needed this picture to make me smile and giggle inside!!


Tara said...

Awww... what a cutie!

lori said...

such a sweetie he his
you have a great time
you deserve the break

Anonymous said...

Tyler is cute.

enjoy your trip
take it easy and don't think of us
actually can you try and remember to look for splenda brown sugar for me


Anonymous said...

LOL! Adorable little man!!! What a stong looking man he is going to be. I am going to miss you AGAIN so much. Cant you all just come and live with us.? Then I wont miss you as much and we can scrap book anytime....Nikki

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time Kim! Don't take too many pictures--hee, hee.
See you when you get back,
Lori N