Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i'm home.

home sweet home...again!
i left for kansas city, MO last thursday to visit my friends
linda and dan
the newest addition to their little trio of a family now!
baby jill....
who is just

on day 2 jill turned 4 months old ( young ) while i was there.
she is at such a fun, fun age now...
lots of smiles, cooes and jibber-jabber...i love it!! sweet baby music!
...you almost forget all that early sweet little baby talk of your own kids until you hear it again...
and then it brings it all back in memory.
why do babies have to grow up so fast?
anyway...i had a lovely visit with linda and dan and jill, it went way too fast, as to be expected with only 4 days to visit.
but we did lots to fill up our days and evenings...
this is at a rose garden in a park where their friends had gone for wedding pictures just 2 weeks before my arrival!

...i got to take some sweet little baby chub pic's in the tubby...
she LOVED the water...quite happy there!

( can't you almost hear that sweet little giggle?? )

lucky, lucky me...
dan took me to the kansas city ARCHIVER'S store...
whew...what a rush that was! i had me some fun in there, that's for sure!
...got to witness jill's FIRST feeding of pureed baby carrots...
dan dared to feed them to her WITHOUT linda ( yikes...what should i do? )
no mommy to see the first real food feeding, so thank god for cameras
forgiveness from your wife ( right dan? )
...and then there was the fact that linda and dan made sure i took advantage of culture exposure without my kids there...
for eating that is...
( one of my FAV'S )

...Vietnemese, pretty darn tasty!
( i had lemon grass beef )

...yummy...my first taste of a frozen custard!( with reese pieces in it! )
it was SSSOOOOO good!

...Mediterranean ( spelled right? who cares, it was fabulous! )
we went to a restaurant called The Holyland.
( egyptian / greek food )
dang, that was pretty tasty too.
i had some kind of chicken dinner with hummis and greek salad, and a few other yummy bites!

and my last meal there was at an irish pub!
i had a traditional irish meal of sausages and mashed, with creamed peas au gratin.
it was soooo good, and brought back last months overseas meals back fresh to mind...
so good.
i also had my fist pint of Strongbow Cider too!!

well, now that i've gone and made myself all hungry looking at and thinking about these meals, i better go make some supper for my family!! hahahaha!
thank you linda and dan again for such warm hospitality in your lovely home and for
taking me out and painting the town 'PINK' with
your sweet little Jill.
she is a gem and i miss her already!
...your christmas visit will not arrive soon enough!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Glad you are home! You always look like you have the best trips!
What a sweet li'l babe! Sigh. Can't believe my first one is 16 in a few days. What happened?
Glad you had such a great time- great food, great friends and that sweet baby smell to boot.
Happy you are home!
Lori N

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics.
Glad you are home.
That baby is soooo cute. I almost (and I mean almost) miss that stage.
See ya soon....


Tara said...

I'm so glad you had a great time Kimmy!

Now, I just have to convince you to go on a Scrapbookign Cruise with me!



Anonymous said...

Ahhh what a cutie pie, I sure miss Taylor at that age! No wonder you miss it already wow I'm so darn hungry ... Hope your neck is feeling better. Hey I saw the movie Sex Drive , it is so funny I want to go see it again with you Mike and of course John. You guys will LOVE it so much. It is SOOOOO funny...Nikki