Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

( music on? a few halloween tunes...)
are you like me?
wiped out from the rush of getting your house and kids ready for
this SPOOKTACULAR season??
i spent ALL DAY finishing getting school goodies ready to take tomorrow,
organizing costumes and goodie bags,
and now...
just finished carving the pumpkins!
i love how excited the kids get over all the decorations,
how courtney wants to help plan all our 'jobs' to get ready,
how tyler likes to stick pictures of artwork all over the front windows...
it really is such a FUN time to share with your kids!
(these are the cupcakes and cookies we made for the kids' classroom parties for tomorrow )

...and tonights pumpkin guttin' is always a favourite of tylers...NOT!

...but our girl doesn't mind getting all gooey... friend linda ( maggie's mommy! ) was in the states last weekend and brought me home this adorable halloween pumpkin stand...
i did the cat and mike did the witch...this was mike's first time using a stencil to carve one of our pumpkins...acutally, this was mike's first time EVER carving one of our pumpkins!!!!!
hahaha...not bad eh?
...and our cute little Hallowed House...
yep, we're ready for action now!!

have a happy halloween everyone!!
have a super fun day and travel in packs at night....


Anonymous said...

See you later for trick or treating. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Happy Hallooooweeen Griffs!
Enjoy yourselves and stay safe. Hope you get a scary crowd tonight.
See you sooooooonnnnn
Have fdn!
Lori N

Tara said...

We had over 50 kids in Morris and we only got home with the candy at 7:15! I imagine how many kids we would have had if we had been ready by 5!