Friday, October 17, 2008

sneak peek and 37!

i LOVE working with it.
i am just giving you a little peeksie at my acrylic album for tonights class...
( did i say yet that i love acrylic? )

how does 37 look on me?
today's my birthday and i have SOOO MUCH energy, it's scary!
so, i even took time to do a challenge, conveniently on my birthday, of some self portraits to
scrapbook how i feel today!!!
Pretty dang happy.

happy birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

Once Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that 2nd picture of yourself. Dang you even take great self portraits. What cant you do?! Have a blast today Kim!! Being 37 isnt that bad been there and done it....Nikki

Anonymous said...

My favourite is the last one, then the second one.


Chris Donovan said...

Happy Birthday ! All the best to you...

Anonymous said...

We didn't know it was your birthday! Happy, Happy Birthday (you and george!)
You look amazing and beautiful and you ARE the most beautiful person too.
We love ya!
Lori & family

Anonymous said...

Well Kim your portraits are very good. Stil lookin' sexy even after 37 years. thank you for an awesome acrylic class, you are good for the soul, see ya

Andrea said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kimmy!

What a difference a year makes, huh?