Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ONE week to Scotland!

( btw...the song playing was a summer request of the kids! )
the final week countdown has begun and we are gonna be super busy this week with finishing getting our butts in gear for our trip next week!
we went to get some money changed over to pounds for Scotland and some euro's for Ireland last friday...thought i'd show you what some of it looks like, kinda cool huh?
seeing it now puts another reality check in my mind that we are in fact going very soon!

there are so many things that need to get done before we go and my lists just keep getting longer and longer! i thought of another one at 2am this morning as i lay there with my brain in high supplies. need to get that shopping done before we go too as we arrive home the day before school starts. fun stuff.
oh well, i will tackle each days list as it comes!!! hahahhaha!!!
we went for our last weekend at the lake before we go this past long weekend ( sigh ).
i didn't go out until saturday evening as i did a wedding that day ( photography ) and joined Mike and the kids who were already there ( well, tyler came out with me ).
we had a full cabin as our friends Linda and Dave and their kids joined us friday to sunday and then my brother curtis and his girlfriend came out saturday to monday....i stayed an extra day with courtney, tyler and rachel until yesterday ( tuesday ) was so hard to leave the cabin / lake and come home to the panic and lists waiting here for me!
although the weather wasn't the best, we all had a great time together...good food, good drinks, bonfires, fireworks, lots of swimming and jetskiing / tubing and courtney had her first sleep in a tent with rachel and carson saturday night!!
oh, sweet i miss it already!!! ( sniff )

cutris and erith came out in their 'home on wheels' for a couple nights with us...the kids loved popping in and out and checking it all over...tyler has already made it clear that he wants a sleepover in it with them!!! LOL!! ( he LOVES the little bed up over the front seats! )

curt and erith made us bbq pizzas for dinner sunday night and they were awesome...another huge hit with tyler!

...and then yesterday, it was very hard to peel ourselves away from the welcoming fun of the lake and pack up and head for home...
...i am hoping to have a september newsletter done and emailed before we leave next week, some of you have been asking "when kim?? when will we be scrapping again??" heeheehee...glad to know that i am not the only one having summer withdrawl!!
i have been getting some new products in for the fall crops and trying to get septembers KIT together too...hope it all comes in with no delay...grrr.
most of you already know that i will be the lucky vendor at Lora Leigh's hall crops starting in the fall too and I am sooooooooo excited for that new adventure with her!
Lora Leigh's monthly hall crops are at Rossmere Golf and Country Club ( on Watt St ) and my first one with her there is Friday, Sept. 12...6:30pm - midnite. $12 ( includes snack )
and The Scrappin Studio's first fall hall crop is Friday, Sept. 19..6pm - midnite...$10...same location- St. Saviour's church HALL ( includes half time snack ). i will be able to once again offer another year of same price crop fees there and no increase has been made to my rental fee....YAY!!!!
i suppose that's all for now folks!
off to do more laundry and ORGANIZE some of this CHAOS in our home!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, you had a busy evening getting this new blog up after that long evening of dance. Alex and I stayed later and we offered to help Lynn and before we left we had worked up a great sweat getting everyone's orders ready along with Lynn for pick up tomorrow night! Yes the tracksuits are all set for scotland and all the gear looks great! Alex left with a big smile. And Lynn looked relieved it was done. See you tomorrow nite for another long session.
Yes, I did my school supplies for the three kids last week--I am on the same page as you! See you soon,
Lori ps) glad they have pretty money!

Tara said...

Oh yay, scrappin' news! Can't wait Kimmy! I am so excited to get that newsletter!

Anonymous said...

Kim and Courtney,
Very nice job Kim! Very professional website.I guess those days of your home wedding decorating business have been completed. I am extremely happy that Courtney followed in your footsteps with the dancing, I am quite confident that she will be just as dedicated as your were back in the day. I am also very glad that you had your chance to go to Scotland, as I do remember that, that was your dream.
To Courtney,
I am very proud of you that you are excelling at the dancing. The older you get, the more of a spitting image you are of your mom. I really hope you are doing good in school, as that is important, and...BE GOOD FOR YOUR MOM!!