Thursday, August 7, 2008

"we're on our way..." was a GREAT day!
after a morning cleaning appointment with the dentist for courtney and tyler, and then running a few errands, Gramma Liz came for a visit with us this afternoon for some iced tea, a chat and to give the kids some 'booty' for spending in scotland and ireland!!
thank you to my very sweet and thoughtful MIL! we enjoyed your visit today!

...courtney had her "Dance-A-Thon" workshop tonight at Lynn' lasted 2 1/2 hours and the girls were more than spent at the end of the night! this is the four premier dancers going to scotland...Courtney, Robyn, Alex and Caitlin. ( don'tcha LOVE that 'no whining' sign on the wall? ) heeheehee....
we have 2 younger dancers going as well, they are 6 and 8 years old and they are sisters!
a huge THANK YOU again to all our family and friends who sponsored courtney for this last raised her $200 in shopping money to add to her funds for her trip!
( dang, i hope they don't sell Webkinz overseas....) LOL!
...AND a final note of reality check for this blessed trip...
we ordered the dancers track suits, tartan t-shirts, tartan hoodies, shorts and socks (all to be embroidered with a little highland dancer somewhere ) and we got all our goodies TONIGHT for the girls!! talk about excitement!! so, here's a little photo shoot of the new duds!

...yep, we're on our way!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney, You look pretty CUTE in your new track suit and T-shirt. Yes, you are ready to go. We will be joining you girls although us family members are going to look so ordinary next to the dance stars! I think those track suits are going to give everyone a boost of confidence at competitions. can't wait!
Have a good weekend guys, and try to get your rest cause we have a big "all-nighter" coming up on the way to the U.K. You didn't mention THAT to your readers, Kim!!

Hee Hee, only a few days left!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys - pics of the kids are nice but gramma liz needs some work - ha ha. Really like the pic though so can i please have a two copies - one for each of their albums.

Gramma Liz

Tara said...

Lookin' good Courtney!