Tuesday, August 12, 2008

should be sleeping...

it's 3:17am and i am asking my self the same dang question...
why aren't you in bed?
i've been scrappin' instead!!!
i made myself a couple travel journals for the trip ( which BTW we leave for in 30 hours....AARRRGGHHHH!!! )

...and i decided to make a nice scrapbook album, FROM SCRATCH, for Lynn, the dance teacher! I cut cardboard for the covers to 9" x 8" and covered them with papers. The patterned paper line I am using is called Thistle Hill by Tinkering Ink..Love It! I will try to take some pic's of it when it's complete later ( well, later today that is i guess! LOL! ) i took a bunch of photos in june of the dancers going to scotland and those photos will be in the album for the girls to give to Lynn on the airplane as a thank you gift for organizing and planning all the details of our trip!

going to bed at last.
i will post later before i leave for Scotland!!!
is anyone going to miss me?
( c'mon, show me some lovin')


Tara said...

Of COURSE I will miss you silly girl! Who will I have to email every single day?!?! I hope you guys have a really great time and please be safe. Buy yourself something nice Kim, you deserve it!

The albums look great, by the way!

Can't wait for Scrappin' to begin in September, I'm having withdrawal!


Anonymous said...

hope you guys have a safe journey and enjoy your trip. Look forward to seeing all the pics when you get back,
Take care

Dana L Gordon said...

Miss you already.
Have a great trip everyone.
All the albums look awesome.