Monday, July 28, 2008

oh sweet fun!

yes, that is me in this photo on the jetski...mike didn't want to be in in trouble with you again for no photos of Kim on the toy!!! ( with 'lil cousin Riley...)

...yep, this music playing is for MIKE!!!

so, this weekend was a huge, huge hit at the cabin with tons of fun on the lake!
our friends, Dave and Linda and their kids came out for the day sunday and also brought their jetski and tube to play with too....also, we had brought my 14 year old cousin, the lovely Marlee, out with us for the weekend too...AND Marlee's mom and brother came out sunday afternoon as well to join us and all our fun can imagine the FUN and LAUGHS we all had together yesterday!!! it was a perfect day for lake fun and swimming!
and linda, i PROMISE not to tip us next time off the jetski in the middle of the lake!!

( dave and linda on their jetski )
( tyler's best friend, Miss Kelly )

( courtney and rachel, lunchtime! )

( courntey and rachel tubing...I WANT OFF! )

( Dave and Carson, looks like mischief to me....)

( tyler bouncing along with daddy...)

( tyler and kelly sharing a ride )

( daddy and courtney, spotting the tube rides...)

( marlee haning on for dear life, i would too with mike driving!!! hahahaha...)

( ahhhhhh, that was a fun day!! )

...yep, what a great weekend! I'm sunburned, bruised and aching all over today, but it was so worth it! I can't remember having so many good laughs and being IN the water swimming and having so much fun at the lake since i was a teenager! we had excellent company of family and friends and i'm so glad we had such a memorable day together!
.....i need to get some photos from my moms camera to share something else with you, but on thursday night ( july 24 ) our family had a special "evening in scotland" with some of our family and friends to have a get-together before we leave for our trip and to say 'thank you ' to all those who have participated in our fundraisers through the dance school for this trip. we wanted to share courtney's dancing with everyone as most of you have heard about and seen photos of her dancing events, but not seen her dance in person. or if you have, it's been at concerts where it's been all group choreography and does not even come close to all her hard work, lessons and practicing through the year required for her individual competitions, which is mostly what the final outcome of highland dance is. so, we had a special evening to share this with everyone and let courtney perform 9 of her competition dances she will be performing while away in Scotland.
i took some photos but NONE of her dancing!!! i was "M.C.-ing" the evening, and was giving history of the dances in between so courtney could catch her breath!! but , i know mom and a few others were taking photos of her dancing, so i am hoping to get some copies ( PRETTY PLEASE! ) from those of you who were taking pic's!!!! ( and i will pay you back for them if you get me copies!!! )
anyway, that was our thrusday and i will share photos with you soon from that!!
well, we are now down to 17 more days until we leave and i had better get my head into that mode or else we will be leaving with empty suitcases!!! hahaha!! so many things to make lists for ( which i am usually good at, but am so lost right now....) so i have to get my thinking cap on!
I have ordered all my supplies i need for the hall crops starting in september and it's all least i have that accomplished!! LOL!
well, off i go to get things done....lots of laundry to do, i guess i'll start there!


Anonymous said...

WELL ALRIGHT I ONCE AGAIN BEAT TARA!!!!!!!!! Thankyou Mike for actually taking a picture of Kim on the JetSki! Next time make it one of her falling off the tube, (sorry Kim but I bet everybody would love that!). Yep I will get you copies Kim of the pics I took of Courtney dancing. Looks like you guys had a blast this past weekend, and good you guys enjoyed it cause it was well deserved. Thanks again for a great night in Scottland!!! I cant believe how soon you leave. Nikki

Tara said...

Hee hee! Darn it! I am going to have to start staying up late! Anyway glad you had such an amazing time at the Lake, that is what summer is all about! I can't believe you leave so soon!
Thanks again for such a great night last Thursday, it was alot of fun and my roses are still going strong!

lori said...

loved the pic of u on jet ski
thanks for thurs eveing it was nice courtney did a grrrreat job
dancing have a great trip by the time u get back i hoped to be moved and cant wait for september classess havinhg withdrawal
bye take care lori

Tara said...

I know! I am missing classes and blog postings about new items coming in! I love summer but it is missing one thing - Scrapbooking!