Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so freakin' crazy...

so, good's 4:37am and i have NOT gone to bed yet!
i think i can be honest with myself now that i am a complete night owl and my best production and efficiency happens when i am dog tired in the wee hours of the freakin' night!
it took 4EVER to finish packing up mine, courtney and tylers clothes for 3 weeks, ( mike packed his in about 3 minutes! )plus all of courtney's dance costumes and accessories, backpacks with entertainment and treats for the flights, gifts for friends and family overseas, dry food for in our flat where we will be staying the first 6 days....and the list goes on!
i think i hate packing as much as i hate shopping for clothes now!!!
BUT...LOOKIE...we are all set to go ( good thing because our limo picks us up in almost 4 hours! ) LOL!

...another thing i raced to finish up tonight was lynn's scrapbook album from the's how it turned out. i didn't fuss too much with embellishing because i didn't want to take away from all the awesome tartan paper! I made this from scratch and used my Zutter Bind-it-all machine to put it together. I am happy with how it turned out and i think lynn will love it!

ALSO as are the dates for my September classes!!!
I didn't get a chance to finalize the class details but you can jot the dates down for now and when i get home sept. 1 I will be more specific!
Friday, Sept. 12:
Hall crop at Rossmere Golf & Country Club as host vendor ( lots of fun sales- coupon style! )
6:30pm - midnite
$12 includes snack, coffee, tea
Friday, Sept. 19
The Scrappin Studio HALL CROP at St. Saviour's Hall
( 690 Munroe Ave )
6pm - midnite
$10 includes snack, coffee, tea
( fun sales all night! )
Monday, Sept. 22
Home SKETCHES class!
6:30pm - 9:30pm-ish!
As always, tonight you will be making three 12 x 12 layouts to add to your album!
Class fee $20 inlcudes all basic supplies and some embellishments for all layouts.
Friday, Sept. 26
Home class
6pm - midnight
Class TBA until after Sept. 1...
Please email ( or call ) to register for all classes and hall crops. I do my best to happily accommodate for welcome gifts, food for snack, door prizes, please remember that less than 48 hour notice of cancellation you will still be responsible for your class fee!!!
well folks, i am going to try and get a couple hours sleep ( should i even bother?)
oh well, hopefully i'll have some nappy time on the planes...
I think i am finally excited ( for REAL ) about going to Scotland now that everything is DONE!
we are taking out laptop with us so hopefully it works out there ( yay for wireless, ya know? ) and i will try to post while we're away!
i hope you enjoy the rest of august and if it ever stops raining you will have some warm weather again!!
see you all in a few weeks!!!
bon voyage!
( yikes...4:58am...hahahahaha...)


Dana L Gordon said...

I am so excited for you.
See you at classes.

Anonymous said...

Hope you all have a wonderful time! Can't wait for updates from Scotland. Take care and see you in September!


Tara said...

Have a great time and be safe Kimmy! I can't wait to hear EVERYTHING! I can't wait to see what kind of Scrapbook pages are going to come out of this too. Thanks for a heads up on the dates!

Love you!


Tara said...

P.S. that album looks great, she is lucky to receive it!

lori said...

the album looks great she will love it

counting my sleeps till i can scrapbook
hope to lots of picutes of ur trip

see u in sept