Monday, August 18, 2008

busy day!

...well, i guess everyday here is going to be a 'busy day'...
we left at 9am to take another scenic drive up the hills / mountains to go to Inverary and then on to Oban. just beautiful. we saw lots of lochs on our tours ( lakes ) and it was so amazing...kinda a drizzling overcast day today, but still lots of great pictures!
did a little bit of shopping too...
tyler has been buying as many little 'stuffies' as he can find and courtney is into all the different treats and snacks she can find! i cannot find any scrapbooking stores here though...i guess we better move here so i can introduce the Scots to it!!! we went for dinner tonight in Inverary at George's Pub and Hotel.
THAT was very was so 'old brittish' in there...i was waiting for a bunch of knights to come in with their armour and swords and order an ale!! so cool...of course lots of pictures! there was a young lady inside also selling handmade celtic jewelry so i bought myself a beautiful new thumb ring!! and my mom bought courtney her very first ring too!! and not to be left out, mike even surprised me when he came back from the bathroom with his own shiny new celtic band on his finger!! heeheehee...
it was a good day!
we are off tomorrow to drive out to Edinburgh for the and a castle tour during the day and then to the Edinburgh Tattoo in the evening...going to be just amazing!!
i don't think i will be able to blog for a few days after this as we won't arrive back to our flat until around midnite tomorrow night and then we leave at 10am the next morning to go to Dublin, Ireland for three days! ( aug. 20 - 22 ) so i will blog for sure when we return to Glasgow!
AND...miss courtney will be celebrating her 10th birthday while we are in Ireland on August cool is that?? ( don't worry family and friends...she has already made sure that she will still get a birthday party when we return home to Canada!!! )
better be off for a good nights sleep...gonna be a long one tomorrow!!
be back in a few days!!


Tara said...

Happy Birthday Courtney! Your birthday is only 3 days away from mine!

Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time, I am SO jealous! Can't wait to get back to Scrappin!

Dana L Gordon said...


Hope you guys are all doing great. Hey Mamma T how are doing as well? Can't wait for you all to get back to see pic's and other goodies.

I guess you will just have to plan a Scrapbooking trip/class out in bonnie ol Scotland Kim....

Anonymous said...

Courtney Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Have an awesome one out there...Nikki

Lora Leigh said...

Sounds like you're having a great time. Happy Birthday to Courtney - you must be so proud of her!

Just wanted to let you know I had to move the first crop to September 5th - I know that's really close to when you're just getting home - I hope it will work for you! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!!

Enjoy the rest of your trip and see you soon!

Lora Leigh

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Courtney!!

Hope you are getting more sleep Kim, we all want you back healthy.