Thursday, January 31, 2008

stuff to share...PART TWO!!!

WOW...i feel good....i knew that i would...hmmm, hhmmmm,hmmmm!!!
( thanx james brown! )
i've been working VERY HARD on organizing my piles and piles of photos that have been causing me anxiety and stress just sitting there with no homes...
of my completed and organized project:
ALTERED PHOTO BOX with scrapped dividers too!!
this is a super easy project that ANYONE can make...just decorate the photo box to your liking...feel free to paint and mod podge for fun too...and then for the dividers, all you have to do is measure the cards that come with the box and cut your own papers to size, glue it to the divider and bling away your little mini layouts....i definately had to add extra dividers as i had lots of categories i wanted to have for filing...the photos in the box are now the photos i want to scrapbook and all the rest have been put into family albums...i used a 3" tab punch by McGill for the tabs at the tops...
WHAT A RELIEF this little project has brought me!!!
TO THIS.....

...and don't forget tomorrow is the cut off date for the early bird ( save $5 )registration for the Gimli Getaway weekend in April!!!
After Feb. 1 registration is $85

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Tara said...

I love it! It's beautiful! I can't wait to get my supplies on Monday to create this wonderful project! I have so many pictures everywhere and NEED organization!

Thanks for posting these Kim, I needed inspiration!