Thursday, January 10, 2008


...'til i share the details about
The Scrappin Studio's 1st Annual Spring Weekend Getaway Crop!!!!
...make sure you pack you bathing suit along with your cropping totes for some serious R & R too!!!

...check back tomorrow for all the details!!!



Tara said...

You just love torturing us all don't you Kimmy! Haha!

Can't wait for tomorrow's details but more importantly, for the Crop tomorrow night! It will be nice to get out and back into the swing of things!

See ya then!


Dana L Gordon said...

You are soooo bad. I want to know more :-(
I guess I can wait.......

Dana L Gordon said...

OH!!! and did I mention that I will be in that pool and that hot tub on the weekend you are having your getaway, because I will be there.

Tara LeClaire said...

Me too! Well, on the Saturday anyway! haha!