Wednesday, January 23, 2008

so, i've been a bit busy...

...making some new projects for upcoming classes....
last night i finished the basic creation for the Feb.4 Tag Pocket Album ( inspired by donna downey ) ..kind of a Valentine's project for someone you love!! ( better half, daughter, mom, grandma, friend...)

...hope you can make it out for this fun little class! check your newsletters for all the details and other fun classes and crops planned for February! Please email if you'd like to be added to my contact list for monthly newsletters!
...AND...LOOK what i found for my family!! Besides Christmas, my next favorite occasion is Valentine's day...maybe because of all the pink? I don't know, but i also LOVE all the different sweet treats out there for valentine's day as well....and all those cute heart crafts to make...LOVE IT ALL!!!
i bought one for each of us to use at the table for all february...i am hoping to find plates 'n stuff to go along with it all too!!!!
...and the latest rage in our house is WEBKINZ!!! oh my gosh, the kids are banana's over them!!
courtney now has 4 of them and tyler is still working on his first...although he has several on his birthday 'wish list' for the end of feb....there are video games ( and some are even educational! ) that the kids can play to earn money and buy their online pets things for their rooms and houses...they have to buy them food and feed them, go to the doctor, etc....i think it's brainwashing them into young responsibilites!!!!!hahahahaha!!!
is it a craze in your house too???
...this was taken this afternoon...
tyler and quackers.


Tara said...

Hey Kim! Webkinz is crazy in our house too! Shyan has 2 and Haley has 1! Hahaha!

Anyway yay for the early newsletter! I will know by tomorrow morning which classes I am attending...

Have a great day!


Dana L Gordon said...

don't have any webkinz and don't want any
I will let you know which classes I want in on (the Valentine's 1 for sure)