Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last night....

...courtney's dance school celebrated Robbie Burns day (he's a Scottish poet-Auld Lang syne- 'Ode to a Haggis'...heard of him? )
anyway...we had a beautiful sit down dinner at the holiday inn with the traditional Parade of the guests- where a piper pipes everyone to their tables, and then the piper piped the traditional Parade of the haggis, followed by the reading (by a true Scott no less ) of the poem "ode to a haggis" ---which we also found an ice cream scoop size on our dinner plates---yeech!!! ( i'm not that brave, but mike ate mine, mom's and his own...hero! )
the dancers all get to dress up their best for this formal evening and even have their own eating quarters to themselves ( little party room of dancers! )
and then afterwards, the kids all do about a half hour performance of course with highland dancing!!!

i took a few pic's of miss courtney all dressed up and thought, especially in this one of her alone, that she looks like a little 'pre-teen' and look at those long slender slinky little legs she's developed!!! she's not supposed to look so grown up yet...she's only 9!!!!! aaaghhhh!!!! i guess this means that i am getting older too...although i don't like to admit it! { GIGGLE }
( courtney's in the middle )

...this group photo in the black and white outfits is a choreography number called "cry of the celts" and the music is from Lord of the i LOVE this music and performance!! way to go girls on another outstanding show!!! ( and we missed you tonight KELSEY!!! courtney and i were thinking of you and your exciting weekend!! )

i guess that's our update....not much else exciting around here but school, dance, swim, work, and of course all my PLANNING for my first weekend getaway crop in gimli in April....( keep reading down for more details....)

I will be sending out the February newsletter in the next couple days ( see, it's only January 19 and i feel like i'm ahead of the game, as planned! ...remember...ORGANIZATION is my goal for 2008!! ) I have 2 spots still available for the Custom Calendar class that was changed to THIS MONDAY night ( jan.21 ) and also 2 spots still available for the altered photo box class on friday, jan. 25....if you need more info regarding these 2 classes, please email me at and i will send you the newsletter with the details!!!


...enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!!



lori said...

hello glad to hear all went well courtney sure is lookig grown up in those out fits
missed u on ur blog all week
see u monday

Tara said...

Way to go Courtney, you looked beautiful in those pics!

Can't wait for the newsletter Kimmy!

Have a great day!


Dana L Gordon said...

Courtney, you did look awesome. Wish I had those legs, but alas, I take after my mother and my baba (short gorgeous women with lots of us to love).
Looking forward to your Newsletter!
Wish I could make it tonight and next week Friday.