Tuesday, January 29, 2008

stuff to share....PART ONE!

....i say PART ONE because i have a continuing post regarding THIS heap of photos!!!

...since i have decided that january is 'get organized' month, i had a couple classes involving making custom calendar's and also altered photo boxes...i have anxiety ( honestly, no kidding! ) when i would look at ALL THESE PHOTOS i have taken sitting in a pile and not getting into photo albums or scrapbooks. enough was enough. seriously. i spent a lot of time organizing the packages and boxes by month and trying to decide which photos i really wanted to scrap and the rest would go into our family albums....( keep in mind that these are all photos from 2006-2007 only! )this was much easier than i thought it would be to do!! i thought i'd be sitting there sulking about how many photos were being filed into the 'photo album' pile instead of the 'just scrap it' pile....but i am feeling sooooo much better seeing them all going into their homes and feel soooo inspired to keep all future photos ON THE BALL and organized like this....
( ...check back for PART TWO...still have to photograph it!!! )

and i thought i'd share a few fun pic's from tyler's swimming lesson last week...he's doing great and his side glide is coming along awesome! he was excited to get to cannon ball into the deep end last time and jump off the bulkhead...once they landed in the pool they had to tread water for 15-20 seconds once they resurfaced! this is the first time tyler was taught how to 'tread water'...great lesson! PLUS, grandma came along to watch him swim too, so it was a great lesson for tyler all around!!

...courtney had her last Intermediate dance competition this past saturday and did great!! boy, competition is sure getting tough!!!! ( she finished fourth overall out of 10 dancers ) we were all very excited to see courtney do her JIG dance in her "magic shoes" we purchased from her older dance pal Alex for the first time in competition! alex told courtney they were 'magic' and that's all courtney needed to hear...she just went for it on saturday in this dance and she won 1st!!! ( her first 1st for that dance too!! )
so now more than before, courtney believes alex in telling her they were 'magic shoes'
so....stay tuned for the continuing post and pictures of my organized mess!!!


Tara LeClaire said...

Ahh! Keeping me waiting! Hahaha! So glad to hear that Tyler is doing so well in swimming and that Courtney was so successful this weekend! Gotta love Magic Shoes!

Can't wait to see Part 2!


Dana L Gordon said...

way to go Court.....