Sunday, November 25, 2007

this 'n that album promised, here's some photos of the 'this 'n that' album class i am teaching this coming friday night ( nov 30. 6pm-midnite, pizza party for snack, class fee is $20 )
this is all the supplies that are provided for you to create your very own
This 'n That
album for someone special ( maybe for Christmas? )
if you need more info on this class and have not received my november newsletter regarding the details, please email me and i will send it to you:
...and to give you an idea of how it looks made into an album...
the size is 5 x 71/2 , also provided is the thick cardboard for the covers, and binder rings!!

...i had to work again tonight and man was it dead in there because of the Greycup game!
( too bad for the Bombers )
i came home and got to spend a little time with the kids before bed, which is a treat because they are usually in bed way before i get home from work!
courtney wanted to sleep over at grandma's house off she went til tomorrow
( the kids have no school monday for report card preparations! )
it's been a long time since she got to sleep over there with my grandparents still living there. they were all looking forward to her company!
...still waiting to hear about the apartment for G & G...but they said possibly as soon as January they might have a 2 bedroom available for them...i don't think grandpa is in such a rush though to move out of mom's...he's been very spoiled!
well, better get off to bed, it's MIDNITE...another late night...
i am having a card making class tomorrow night so i'm looking forward to the creative talent of Michelle Vernaus guest teaching another successful class!
tootles for now....


Dana L Gordon said...

looking forward to class tonight, will see you and Tara and MICHELLE, can't make it to class on Friday as I am having a Passion Party does anyone want to order anything if they are going to Kim's class?

Tara said...

Great class Kim!

If you have any extra supplies left from this class, could you save for me? I have most of the papers I think (same as in the November kit?), but the extra little knick knacks would be awesome (only if you have extra)...

Thanks Kim!

Kim said...

i don' i don't think any of these papers were in the november kit..
anyway, i will definately save you any extras if i can!!

Tara said...

Well I definately have the cloud fabric paper and I definately have the Hieidi Swapp Pink File Folders.. Maybe the October kit? Who knows. Anyway, if you have extras, I'll buy em' off you.
Thanks babe!