Wednesday, November 14, 2007

catch up from the weekend...#1

i'm happy!!!
i can upload pictures again...yay!!!
( man, it was almost like being without my camera with no pictures! )'s a few pic's from courtney's dance competition on saturday.
after all the dancing with grandma and 4 new medals!!
way to go Punky!!
( she finished 3rd overall out of her group )

...this next photo will make anyone with a 'foot fettish' squimish...
but courtney had her first 'injury' inflicted from dancing at the competition!!
she does this dance called the JIG in a different costume and wears different dance shoes ONLY for this dance...they have been getting small and tight on her feet, but i was hoping to squeeze in this last competition until january before i had to buy her some new ones..since she only had to wear them in one dance..but she complained the whole time wearing them on saturday about how tight they were and how they were hurting her feet...and it wasn't until she did her very last dance that my mom took her shoes off and we discovered a real NASTY blister had formed and burst on the back of her heel!! poor kid! but she still went up on the stage, depsite a slight pause in the dance, she fought with her shoes and finished it up like a little trooper!
so naturally, i had to take a pic of her first dance 'boo boo' for her scrapbook....
(just scroll past if boo boo's gross you out!!! )
and later on we just had a very, very quiet relaxing evening at home with coloring, books, and SPIDERMAN 3 on DVD!!! took G & G ( grandma & grandpa ) to see an apartment at Concodia Village on friday afternoon ( assisted living ) and they really liked the suite they were shown!
they gave a damage deposit check to hold until they get a 2 bedroom suite available!
they got the tour of the facility and LOVED what they saw and all the activities that go on for all the senior's there! all their meals are included in the 'rent' so grandma won't have to cook if she doesn't feel like it...she will have her own kitchen to cook and bake in....there is medical staff on 24 hours if needed, and homecare will still come to help out with grandpa!
it's perfect!
they may get in as early as January!!!
grandpa has been out walking ( on monday he walked 2 whole blocks with the respite worker! ) and is doing pretty good! he is in great spirits and his same old witty self! grandma is doing pretty good but just run down from poor sleeping with grandpa in the same room...he wakes her up 2 or 3 times a night still to go to the bathroom or just to make sure she's there!!!
they will be going through a lot of changes over this winter and even though the outcome will be good for them to get settled into their own place, it also means packing up and selling their house as well.
their home that they have lived in most of their lives together.
it's going to be hard to help pack it all up, all those memories...
grandma has been slowly starting to sort through things that she wants to keep for their new place, things to give to 'sally anne' and things to toss...kinda like TLC's Clean Sweep...( man, i love that show...)
grandma is finding it extremely hard and very emotional going through this process but it has to be done.
she needs positive encouragement daily that good things are yet to come for them and to hang in there and keep positive!!!

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