Saturday, November 3, 2007

good news...

wow. it's been a very crazy busy last few days but it's now 12:02am and it's all over...
SCRAPAGANZA 3 that is!!!
i was a vendor/teacher again at the semi-annual Scrapaganza in stonewall, mb for my friend allison's big event! ( she owns the SCRAPYARD in town ! ) ...she hosts this amazing 'crop' at the new life church in stonewall and this time we had DOUBLE the ladies than in the spring in april!!! ...120!!! was very hectic but soooo much fun!! i can't believe how fast the day flew by!
the event was from 9 this morning until 8 tonight...but mike helped load up the truck and the van yesterday afternoon and after we picked up courtney from school and dropped the kids off at mom's, we were ready to go out to start setting up!!!
...well, after i got this totally cute pic of my niece airiel with grandpa going for a walk when we arrived at mom's!! i'm glad grandpa was up for a little fresh air to stretch his legs! called me yesterday afternoon asking if it would be okay for me to take GRANDMA along to help me set up my store!!! she wanted to see everything and check things out, to see 'what all this scrapbooking stuff is all about' cute! after asking her several times if she was up to the approximate 4 hour adventure, grandma assured me that she really wanted to come along! ( she needed a break and a change of scenery ) i thought it would be good for her too!!
so, slave labourer that i am, i put my 86 year old grandma to work filling paper racks and hanging stock on peg hooks!!! SHE HAD A BLAST AND WAS GIGGLING AND SMILING THE WHOLE TIME!!! man, was it good for her! ( hey, and labour!! heeheehee...)
she was so dang cute hustling around and asking for things to do...she really wanted to be a part of everything and i LOVED having this time with her and letting her see what i do almost every weekend with ' all that scrapbooking stuff'....well, just not this big though!!!'s a few pic's here and there of 'my store' once we were all set up for today...
I LOVE YOU!!!'s ALLISON and I having a chill moment...
( you are such an amazing person allison, you have the biggest heart and the warmest personality...i feel so blessed to have you for a friend!!! )
it actually went around the corners at both ends here, just huge!!!

...this is a shot while during my 'painting with Heidi Swapp masks' class i taught
5 times today...
good times, good times...
...i made up a pretty pink storage box FULL of Heidi Swapp goodies for a draw prize...
here's my winner!!!

...what would be a crop without mom and her friend grace there???
tee hee.
thank you both of you again for your continuous support to my business and encouragement to me!!! you have been there right from the beginning ( almost 2 years ago ) and i'm so happy to have such eager, enthusiast "students" all the time!!!
...say hello to Karen and Charlotte...
( allison's niece and daughter, also teachers for classes today too! great job ladies, lots of happy people!! )

...allison handing over her grand prize door prize...she looks so excited that you'd think SHE won it!!! LOL!!!
just how many prizes DID you GIVE AWAY today allsion?
soooooo many awesome FREE door prize draws...unreal!!
...and, when all was said and done, tables down, stores packed up, here's allison and i at the end of the night!!!

...what a fantastic day!!! thank you allsion for letting me be a part of such a fun adventure!
i do have a few other things to say here....
let's see, oh, first of all...
can you believe it already? i'm so excited about such an overwhelming sale of them!!!
i will definately be making more kits in numbers for december as they are really selling themselves...there's soooo much yummy stuff in them and so easy for you to get going on something since everything co-ordinates so awesome together!!! check back december 1 on my blog for pictures of the next exciting kit!!!
( i still have 5 FANTASTIC october kits left...get 'em while you can!!! )
hhmmmm...ah yes,
YESTERDAY WAS MY 100th post!!!
yay me!!!!
i didn't even notice until today. so that kind of defeats the purpose of celebrating a 100th post. oh well. there's always 200.....
ok. i think i'm all typed out and caught up on the excitement...
must go set my clock back an hour before bed ( YAHOO ) and get some shuteye....
it was a big, long day, so i hope i get some big, long sleep!!!
how was the hot tub tonight allison? i promise, i will be coming out this winter....


Tara said...

I am SO jealous! I missed Scrapaganza, BOOOOOO.

I'm so glad you had a great time and kudo's to your Grandma for getting out there!

See ya in a week!


Tara said...

P.S. Can you put me aside one of the Packs of the Heidi Swapp Journaling Pads in the Pink Crowns?