Thursday, November 1, 2007


all that chaotic RUSH for halloween, and now it's all over!!!
what a KILLING the retail industry makes off us!
the kids are already asking when we can take down the halloween decorations so we can put up all our christmas stuff...HMPH. i guess they forgot that mike and i just put it all up 3 days ago! and it's gonna stay up at least til the weekend...hahahaha!
tyler had a great little halloween party in his kindergarten class yesterday morning...he just loves his teacher so much! she had so many fun things planned with the kids! he came home so excited and full of classroom sugar!
thank you mrs.thomson for such a fun party!!

tyler dressed as a pirate for school today...and this is him with his little 'girlfriend' Alexi! they are sooo darn cute together! she always runs to give him a hug goodbye after school and calls out 'bye tyler' at least 20 times as we walk out of the school!! she's so cute!

...this is courtney ( i mean 'Jack Sparrow' ) with her teacher 'mr.d' ...she also just loves being in his classroom and thinks he's so funny! he really seems to be a great guy!! they also had a classroom halloween party in the afternoon!! courtney was excited because her classroom got to pick what the principal of the school had to dress as...A BABY!!! a few of the kids dressed him up in the morning at assembly ( i was also there so i have a few 'blackmailing' photos of him for backup!!! hahaha )

...and later at home ready to go out trick-or-treating...they lasted for 2 hours!! thank goodness for NO SNOW this year! there seemed to be a lot more kids out this year, maybe because of that factor? the kids had a blast...tyler was even running ahead of courtney this year in all his excitement...must have been from all those big spiderman muscles....!!!!

...once the kids had enough trick-or-treating, we did our traditional stop by at mom's house...we always went to see grandma and grandpa too, but since they are both living at mom's, it made it a lot easier this year!! the photo is fuzzy because i had my camera along with me to take pictures on our 'walk' so it was foggy when i took this!!! sorry!!!!! but they were all excited to see the kids and load them up with more goodies!!
( tyler was happiest and most excited about the TOONIE that nana had taped to his kit kat bar than ANY of the treats in all their bags...he is OBSESSED with toonies lately...he takes them from my wallet, mikes change compartment in the truck, anywhere he can find them...little bum! )

later when we finally got back home, the kids did there traditional "DUMP" on the floor of all their treat bags....mike and i went through it for our safety check and then courtney had to do a 'sorting/counting collection' for about 10 different items for math class today! mr.d was going to do some experiment with them involving their candies!!! COOL!

i hope you all had a FUN FUN HALLOWEEN!!!


Tara said...

Wow, what a haul! It's amazing how much candy the little stinkers get out there! Jaiden was out for an hour and half last night (his firdt time!) and he got two bag fulls!

Kim said...

i know...isn't it amazing what they get? people are really generous!