Monday, November 12, 2007


for 4 days now i cannot upload any photos.
i wish they would fix this problemo already!!! don't they know you are waiting for pic's and contests???
i guess i'll just have to hold off on my little contest i want to do until they fix their problem. i will keep checking on it of course!!
this weekend was pretty quiet, with the exception of postponing my canvas project class on friday night ( i will offer that one again and hopefully the date will work better for those of you wanting to attend that class )...
so mom and i and lori went to a hall crop instead!!! i did a 2 page layout from courtney's first 'swim meet' to start yet ANOTHER album...and of course, i can't show the pic's of the layouts right now...
and then saturday courtney had a dance competition, YIKES, we were there for over 6 HOURS!!!! the kids were just finished....too long! mike was with us and he left around 12:30 with tyler so he wouldn't have to be stuck there all day long...he was such a good little guy!!! he was always giving courtney 'good luck' hugs before she went up to compete in each dance!!
anyway, she danced well and finished 3rd overall again in her group!!!
so, so proud!!!
now we have a bit of a break from competitions until january...but in the meantime, we will be preparing choreography for the big Christmas concert her dance teacher always has annually!! tyler will be dancing in it again this year too for fun!!! he likes to go on the 'big stage' and do his cute little numbers!!!!
yesterday was a pretty slack and lazy day until i had to go to work...stayed in my p.j's until around 2pm, helped courtney with some studying for math and science tests she's having this week and then went to work!!
i am having a very FULL card making class tonight, so i'd better get going to finish preparing my house...gotta take grandma to the eye doctor this afternoon too...then Manta for courtney after school...i wish i could go back to yesterday!!!


Tara said...

I am so pumped! I actually had to hold myself back from putting up my Tree this weekend so this class is right up my alley! Haha!

See ya tonight!


Dana L Gordon said...

I am looking forward to the next card class. I wanted to come to both, but prior commitments have to come first. Have fun tonight guys/ladies.
I will be putting up my tree at the end of November (I can't do it until then due to a 16yr old birthday) Tara, sorry, I will have to come by and look at yours hahahaha.