Monday, November 19, 2007

...and the winner is...

after reviewing my comment entries and email entries for my "NAME MY CAMERA" contest...i have decided that i like one of Dana's names to be the best suitable for my camera!!
..there were several names that i considered and looked into more, such as "Cane" ( CANON camera and rhyming with 'PAIN' the butt for having to be fixed so soon..)but after my doubts of the fact that Cane was indeed the first known 'murderer' in the Bible ( he killed his brother Abel ) i decided that i didn't want my camera to be a known felon....another name i liked was "Angelo" ..thinking of the camera as an a way. but after seeing the second definition on the Urban dictionary website, it refers to 'angelo' as a naughty little word for, well, uh, jerking off!!! hahahahaha...sooooo, that being said, there will be NO angelo for my camera!!
( sorry about the slang Mom...GIGGLE )
so, i'd like to introduce you 'formally' to...
Webster's online dictionary:
1) explore, often with the goal of finding something or somebody.
i thought that suited my camera just fine!!!
DANA, i will bring your surprise ( photographed above ) to the hall crop on friday night for you!!
thanks to everyone who participated in my contest....stay tuned!!
( my Scout )


Dana L Gordon said...

I am so excited. Out of all the names (that I suggested) I do agree that that one is the best suited.

Kim said...

you're're welcome!!

Tara said...

Congratulations Dana!

Dana L Gordon said...

Thank You Tara.
will see you at the card class right, or are you coming to the hall crop - I can't remember

Tara said...

Nope, can't make it, sorry! Oh yeah, Kim - I can't make it to the Hall Crop - Hahahaha! Forgot to tell you!

Shyan has a Pre-Teen Dance that night, hee hee!